A pretty dear song to my heart. I watched the drama while it aired and interacting with the soompi community was awesome haha

Two Weeks OST-Nell-Run

Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 11

The prince had been visiting my room quite a lot recently but, rarely enough, this time he brought something good with him.


“Here, this is for you.”


He said while handing me over a letter from Rahsa.

Rahsa, the second prince, is a lovely younger brother, unlike his impudent, elder brother.

He yearns to be like me. Ah, how sweet.

I eagerly opened the letter while recalling my memories of him.


It was not a letter for some particularly urgent need.

As we had not met for quite a while, he wrote his greetings and asked about how things were going.

Letters are originally like that so it was actually wrong on my part to think otherwise.


However, there were still three points I was curious about.

‘We have not met for a long time so I feel kinda lonely.’ was the number one point.

Too cute!

Too lovely!

I doubt there are other young kids like him who are this pure-hearted.

Rahsa is probably the only one who thinks of me this much.

I am so profoundly attached to him that I think he is probably the only one who thinks of me this much.

I should also send my thought, that I miss him too. Pipippipiii! ……. I wonder if it reached him.


And the second point was ‘Aniki, the swords you made became really popular in the royal castle.’

This, this is probably because of that.

The one I made for Jeremy-senpai.


Since Jeremy-senpai praised it that much, I had known that it was valued quite highly.

After that, 11 additional requests of production came through Jeremy-senpai, which have already been delivered by this time. It seems like those swords are receiving a lot of love from their users.

To the point of being really popular in the royal castle.


Ah, reading this makes me feel proud.

Moreover, it gives me the confidence that I can really keep on going on this path.


It also seems like my name is getting a little more well-known, so at this rate, in a few years….. fufufuffu.

Stopping my tanuki-like over-optimistic calculations, I shifted my attention towards the final point.


‘Aniki, if it’s okay, won’t you come over to the royal capital during the winter break? You could stay at our house while you’re here.’ this final line.

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