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Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 12

The royal capital! The royal castle! Viva capital!


Somehow or the other, I was actually getting quite excited about the trip to capital.

Being relieved from the year-end exam played a big role.

It was cheerful inside the carriage.


While slurping the grape wine I got on the way, I was enjoying the scenery from inside the carriage.

I feel like I am getting used to trips.


“You look like you’re having quite the fun.” said Iris, who was also on the carriage.

From the looks of it, she seems to be in a good mood as well. Although she refused the grape wine.


“Yep. It kinda felt like a drag before but, after we actually set out, I have started to feel more excited.”

Yep, I am pretty excited!


“I think I also feel kinda the same. Which reminds me, your year-end exam results were pretty good, weren’t they?”


Well, being complimented by Iris, who stood third, feels a bit awkward…


“Really? Thanks. But yours were even more amazing.”


“Well, since I am always studying, I guess. But I ended up thinking ‘When does he actually study?’, you know. Even towards Arch prince and Rail-san too.”


Certainly, when do they actually study?

I guess they are what you call ‘high-spec people’. That’s irritating. Ah, so irritating.


Speaking of those two, they had already set out for capital on a different carriage.

They were going quite early because of the prince’s orders.

He probably needs to make some arrangements as Iris is going. Like hiding his erotic books, or hiding his erotic likes or hiding his erotic shop points.


You’re doing quite a lot of hiding there, aren’t you, prince?!


“The prince and the others were in quite the hurry, weren’t they? I wonder why they were in such a rush.”


“Well, there are things men need to do, you see. Don’t go too deep into this, okay?”


“Is that so? I will bear that in mind.”



I do not know what kind of person Iris thought the prince to be but I am sorry if I accidentally embedded an odd image of you in Iris, prince!

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