Super God Gene Chapter 1 God Gene

Author: 十二翼黑暗炽天使(Twelfth Wing of the Dark Burning Angel)

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On a rugged mountain’s stream’s edge, a black clothed youngster was holding down a shiny, dark shell with a metallic radiance that looked like a crab, yet it also looked like a Unicorn Beetle.

The black clothed youngster’s other hand held a dagger. which he used to agilely cut of the struggling beetle’s claw with desire to open the shell, and revealed the tender, fleshy, pearly flesh.

Without hesitation, the black clothed youngster—as if eating crab meat—sucked out the meat from the claw,  then together with the big tender meat downed it in one gulp.

«Slaughtered black beetle, No beast soul detected, devoured Black Beetle flesh, random chance gene +0 – +10»

«Devoured black beetle flesh, gene +0»

A strange voice resounded from within Han Sen’s head, At the same time as the voice, information flooded into Han Sen’s brain.

«Han Sen: Evolution- unqualified»

«Rank: None»

«Life Yuan: 200»

«Requirement for next evolution: 100 gene points»

«Gene Points: 79 points»

«Beast Soul: None»

“Its already been 30 battle since I got gene points from Black Beetle flesh, It looks like I have eaten too much Black Beetle flesh, bug meat is unable to contribute to the evolution of my physique. Since I haven’t been able to get any gene points, who knows when I’ll be able to complete my first evolution, obtain a rank.” Han Sen’s face had a gloomy expression

In the past hundreds of years, The scientific standards of the Human race had reached exceedingly high standards, finally grasping teleportation technology, but when man tried to move transport themselves, they were shocked to discover, They didn’t weren’t transported to the past, nor were they sent to the future.

They weren’t transported to another planet, at the other end of the teleportation channel was completely different world.

A world of humans that were incapable of thinking. In this world, all means of science have become useless, a sub-machine gun had less use than a steel dagger; all forms of missile and nuclear weapons can’t blow up and were not much different from scrap metal; all machines and electronic equipment were incapable of movement.

All kinds of terrifying beasts ran amok in this world, Humans once were able to stand at the top of the food chain thanks to their knowledge and the power of science, but in this world, humans became the lowest on the food chain, weaker than a chicken.

But in this world, humans killed young weaker animals, and upon eating their flesh, they made a discovery. Their body’s physique suddenly evolved, science was unable to explain this sudden evolution.

along with these sudden changes, in this world, their life span grew as they evolved. This discovery left humanity shocked.

After hundreds of years, more and more people who joined the world they named “God’s Sanctuary” World, became familiar with the rules, kill prey and feast on their flesh, evolve your physique, the more you evolve, the more your life span increases, theoretically, if you reach a certain part, you can achieve eternal youth and complete the impossible.

In this world, science and technology was completely useless. The ancient martial arts that was declining in the modern world, stood out and showed shocking results.

Many ancient martial arts have been refined, then passed on through hundreds of years of refinement, forming new martial art schools. All sorts of new martial arts popped up.

Besides martial arts, there is a force in God’s Sanctuary that gives mankind power, they are called beast souls.

When killing the animals of God’s Sanctuary, there is a chance of obtaining a beast soul, something that everyone uses, come in every odd and fascinating shape. Some even are able to be summoned to battle for the summoner, some can be directly transformed into armors, weapons, other objects and such.

Some people have so many beast souls that they can be used to transform into a terrifying beast, they could transform into a bird beast and traverse the heavens and the earth, or they could transform into an ant and drill the earth.

No matter if it was martial arts, or beast souls, They had nothing much to do with Han Sen.

Even if it was the scientific society, the advanced technology was held in the hand of a few.

Han Sen had completed the integrated compulsory education and graduated at 16. Every student would at least learn entry level martial arts.

As for beast souls, they were luxury goods, even if it were the cheapest beast soul, it wasn’t something that a poor, white Han Sen could afford.

Without martial prowess, nor assistance from a beast soul, so much that he couldn’t purchase humanity’s high-grade alloy weapons, Han Sen faced many hardships in God’s Sanctuary, only being able to slaughter low-ranking beasts, and devouring their flesh in hopes of evolution.

Devouring too much low-rank flesh, has lowered the chance of evolving, so much so that Han Sen has stayed at God’s Sanctuary for 3 months already, but still couldn’t get enough gene points to complete his first evolution.

Han Sen had never dared to hunt a larger beast, but the lower ranked beast didn’t meet Han Sen’s needs. He would have to rest for a month before he could come back to God’s Sanctuary.

Now Han Sen has eaten more or less all of the low ranked monsters in is league, eating any more of them would no longer have an effect. If he doesn’t take a chance and hunt the higher-ranking beasts, who knows when Han Sen would be able to evolve.

While mulling over if he wanted to hunt down another Copper-Tooth Beast, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something suddenly climb out of the stream.

Han Sen thought it was a Black Beetle, but immediately thought something wasn’t right. Black Beetle had jet-black carapaces, but he saw a dazzling, lustrous golden yellow

Han Sen focused all his attention towards the the thing climbing out of the stream, But it was a Black Beetle, there were some similarities and differences. The body was a big as a basket ball, moreover, it was a single golden yellow color, like it was an art piece carved out of pure gold, especially it’s one pair of eyes, it looked like a crystal clear beryl gem. If one wasn’t paying attention, they would never realize that it was an animal.

“How can such an odd looking Black Beetle exist?” Han Sen was motionless, but fixed his eyes on the seemingly golden art piece Black Beetle

At this point, Han Sen couldn’t remember how many Black Beetles he had already slaughtered, regarding the Black Beetle, it had very bad eyesight, but it’s hearing was ten times better. If you were motionless, the beetle can already be considered almost in your hand already. The Black Beetle would be unable to sense his presence.

Han Sen motionlessly observed the golden Black Beetle, but unexpectedly, that golden Black Beetle started to crawl over towards him.

An unthinkable situation. The moment that the golden bug crawled to Han Sen’s side, Han Sen pushed down the unusual carapace at lightning speed. With his other hand, used his practiced knife skills to ruthlessly slash through the weak joint in the claws. He slashed off all six of the claws as easily as flowing water. The six claws of the golden Black Beetle quickly and neatly fell down upon being removed.

Afterwards, the golden Black Beetle struggled for it’s life. The Knife stabbed into the abdomen, then it twisted. The golden Black Beetle ceased all movement.

«Slaughtered Mysterious blood organism, Black Beetle. Mysterious Black Blood Beetle beastly soul detected. Devoured Mysterious Black Blood Beetle Flesh. Random Chance gene +0 – +10»




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