Author: 十二翼黑暗炽天使 (Twelfth Wing of the Dark Burning Angel)

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Han Sen was stupefied by the sudden sound that came from within his head, and didn’t dare believe that it was real.

A Mysterious Blood ranked creature, a Mysterious Blood ranked creature, Han Sen didn’t dare believe it.

God’s Sanctuary’s animals are split between : Common  Organism, Unique Organism, Mutant Organism and Mysterious Blood Organism. Consuming different ranks of flesh can give different ranks of gene points.

Up to now, Humanity has only been able to find 4 ranks of organisms. Each evolution makes way to the next rank. The gene points needed for evolution get exceedingly large. The next rank raises the possibility for survival.

Mysterious Blood ranked Beast Souls have no need for explanation, you could say that they were premium quality, one can sell Mysterious Blood ranked beast souls as they wish for sky high prices.

Once Han Sen reacted, His practically shaking hand grasped his knife as he pried open the heavy carapace. Holding the gelatin like meat, he cut a piece out and directly crammed it into his mouth.

«Devoured Mysterious Blood ranked Black Beetle Flesh, received a Mysterious Blood Gene Point»

He felt heat coursing through his body as he gulped down the flesh. Upon hearing the voice in his head, he felt his eyes brimming with tears of joy.

Not managing the other parts, while paying the finest of detail to the Mysterious Blood Black Beetle’s claw, he sucked the meat from the claw. As the flesh fell into his stomach, Han Sen felt waves of heat coursing through his body, his blood and qi were almost boiling.

There wasn’t much difference between eating crab and the Mysterious Blood Black Beetle, After sucking out the meat from the Claws, Han Sen used a knife to pry open the shell to eat the flesh inside.

«Devoured Mysterious Blood Black Beetle flash, gained a Mysterious gene point»

«Devoured Mysterious Blood Black Beetle flash, gained a Mysterious gene point»


The unceasing sound of the voice ran in Han Sen’s head nonstop. Seeing the messages made Han Sen so happy he practically felt as though he were floating like a cloud.

Han Sen was a happy knifer, the dagger in his hand suddenly made a sound, it felt like he struck something hard, it made a metallic clang which surprised Han Sen.

Black Beetles and Crabs were mostly the same, seem really hard, but the bug meat inside is really soft, even the bones weren’t this hard. How could metal exist inside?

After moving his knife away, he peered into the cut that he made. he pulled the flesh off to one a side and saw that inside was some dark steel. Han Sen removed the meat that was surrounding the metal. Very soon, The dark steel revealed itself.

Beforehand, Han Sen thought that it was dark steel, but after seeing it in its entirety, Han Sen noticed that it was a dark crystal that was the size and shape of a pigeon egg.

Han Sen kneaded the crystal in his hand. He couldn’t think of anything it felt like other than it was like a smooth, pretty stone.

But with a closer look, inside the crystal millions of tiny changes happening, it truly was too beautiful of a sight to comprehend.

“This is God’s Sanctuary’s weakest region. Don’t mention Mysterious Blood ranked organisms, even unique organisms are rarely seen here. How could there suddenly be a Mysterious Blood ranked Black Beetle? This has never been heard of before. It’s such a weak animal, still has Mysterious Blood rank. Not only that, but the weakness of this Beetle is way too exaggerated. Could it be that the Mysterious Blood Black Beetle and the dark crystal have something to do with each other?” Han Sen deeply contemplated inwardly.

But sometimes, even the unthinkable can happen. Han Sen lumped all the Black Beetle flesh together and swallowed them all in one gulp. His bulging stomach felt as though it were about to burst. He ,managed to obtain 7 Mysterious Blood Gene Points total.

7 Mysterious Blood Gene Points. If it was before, Han Sen couldn’t even dream of it. Even if he were to work hard right from birth, he would still be unable to slaughter a Mysterious Blood rank Organism. Not to mention the Mysterious Blood rank, even if it were just the Unique rank, the chances of being able to slaughter one was a pitifully low number.

Even the remain carapace of the Mysterious Blood Beetle was an expensive good. Han Sen gathered the claws and carapace and stuffed them into his bag.

Most carapaces of the Black Beetle aren’t worth much, but even if you went into the Back alleys to sell it as soup, you would still be able to get one or two Mysterious Blood Gene Points.

Normally, Han Sen should have been able to get at least 10 points, but he only got 7 so the last three were in the shell.

If he sold this carapace at a high price, he would have to consider the possibility of the Left Star Alliance interfering and send one of their personnel flying over.

Back at Steel Armor Asylum, walking on the road, Everyone pointed at and ridiculed Han Sen. Taking joy in his misfortune, but no one approached him.

Every person in Steel Armour Asylum saw Han Sen  as they would a eccentric person.

Originally, even if a beggar came to the Asylum, reached out to others, forming a hunting party to hunt Unique ranked monsters wouldn’t be impossible. Neither would a scene as miserable as Han Sen’s occur.

But in the entire Steel Armour Asylum, no one wanted to, or had the courage to form a party with Han Sen.

3 years ago,  the first time Han Sen entered God’s Sanctuary, the first time he left the safety, just when he turned around the corner, Han Sen discover a snowy white body before him. A 4 legged, larger than a human, Horned Wolf, stood right next to him.

Without hesitation, Han Sen grabbed his dagger and plunged it into the horned beast’s posterior.

This one stab turned Han Sen and Qin Xuan into the laughing stocks of Steel Armor Asylum

That’s right, that wasn’t a Horned Wolf beast, that was a member of the human race. The was a human who used a beast soul to transform.

Moreover, Qin Xuan was Steel Armor Asylums’ strongest and most influential woman. It might be because she completed her first evolution using Mysterious Blood Gene Points. Or that she was a woman who set foot on the path of evolution.

A knife wielding Steel Armor Asylum hairless youngster stabbed Qin Xuan’s buttocks. This became the biggest joke in all of Steel Armor Asylum. Even though they don’t dare say a word in front of Qin Xuan, behind her back, people were laughing until they cramped up.

“Rampaging Ass Demon” became Han Sen’s Nickname that everyone in Steel Armor Asylum knew of.

Qin Xuan had flew into a rage and fiercely declared that anyone who would dare to team up with Han Sen would henceforth become her enemy.

Inside Steel Armor Asylum, people who had ability to be enemies of Qin Xuan wasn’t a big number. Even if they were able, the wouldn’t go against Qin Xuan for a stranger like Han Sen this “Rampaging Ass Demon”

Therefore, Han Sen has muddled around with difficulty like this, but Han Sen never blamed Qin Xuan. This was his fault anyways. Since it was his first time, he was too nervous. He never met a person after transforming, so he had made an unforgivable mistake.

Qin Xuan didn’t slaughter him from rage, that alone made Han Sen 10 time more grateful.

Han Sen was most grateful that mankind couldn’t control everything that happened in God’s Sanctuary, so even though Steel Armor Asylum wasn’t exactly his favorite sympathetic friend, at least no one knew his real name.

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