Author: 十二翼黑暗炽天使(Twelfth Wing of the Dark Burning Angel)

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Han Sen returned home and started up a fire in his stove. He boiled water in a pot, then tossed the claws inside.

At the moment, Hansen doesn’t have any tool, nor had he learned any styles for cooking. He could only use the most primitive method of boiling to boil out the Mysterious Blood Gene Points out of the carapace.

Mysterious Blood ranked carapace wasn’t something that could be cooked in 1 or 2 hours, so he covered the pot, then fished the dark crystal from his pocket and observed it.

But no matter how much he looked, he couldn’t appraise what it was.

Suddenly, Han Sen’s attention was caught by the Green-Scaled Beast scale the size of a civet palm in a cage in a corner of the room. His heart slightly shook.

Green-Scaled Beast scales and Black Beetle carapaces were pretty similar, they came from very common organisms. In the past, Han Sen would constantly bring home, boil and feast on Green-Scaled Beast to raise his Gene Points.

But eventually, he had eaten too many Green-Scaled Beast and was unable to gain any more Gene Points. Han Sen felt to lazy to eat the remaining Green-Scaled Beast. He never thought that there would still be Green-Scaled Beast that was still alive.

He grabbed the fish from the cage as it was on its last breath. He hesitated a little before grabbing the dark crystal and sent it to the Green-Scaled Beast’s mouth, and was about to feed it the crystal.

God knows where it got the strength, but the fish that was on its last breath suddenly gained power when it saw the crystal. It opened its mouth and shot its tongue out and wrapped it around the crystal. The Fish then swallowed the crystal down into its belly.

“There is something mysterious about the dark crystal!” Han Sen was dumbstruck by what he saw. He noticed some changes in the Green-Scaled Beast after it swallowed the crystal. Apparently its conscious was strengthened considerably and it regained some strength, because it began struggling wildly, flailing its four claws trying to clip off the hand Han Sen had on its neck.

Han Sen dropped the Green-Scaled Beast back into the cage, and observed it. Not much time passed, but it was already sunset. It’s already been days since he had Green-Scaled Beast. It had regained its vitality. It flailed about desperately, as if it was freshly caught and brought back from the wild.

Han Sen sat across from the Green-Scaled beast, observing its every movement. He had a guess, and if that guess was right, then he just obtained something that could cause a huge stir, even more so than a Mysterious Blood Organism.

But Han Sen was also afraid that his guess was wrong,  and could only observe the Green-Scaled Beast carefully, hoping to be able to see the transformation that he so desperately wanted to see.

Because Han Sen was too nervous, he had no idea how long his eyes had been open for. Until the fragrance of bone soup wafted out, he didn’t realize how hungry he was, making him extremely uncomfortable.

Han Sen checked the time. 24  hours had passed. Han Sen quickly got up and ran to check on the Black Beetle Carapace, only to see that the golden carapace had became a more diluted golden color. The soup on the other hand was full of a lustrous golden color, added with the fragrant scent, made the already hungry Han Sen’s Mouth drool.

Just as Han Sen was about to scoop up some soup, the cage that held the Green-Scaled Beast collapsed with a BANG! Han Sen immediately turned his head to see the Green-Scaled Monster sticking its head out of the broken cage while gnawing on the bars.

The originally light green scales had already transformed into a deep green color. It’s teeth grew more sharp and pointed. Its four claws were more like steel hooks. That monster now wanted to leave its cage.

Han Sen felt a mixture of fear and joy as he pulled out his dagger at his side. He then stabbed the knife ruthlessly into the head of the trapped Green-Scaled Beast and slashed all the way down to its stomach. He then twisted the dagger around until the Green-Scaled Beast ceased all movement.

«Slaughtered Unique Ranked Organism, Green-Scaled Beast. No Beast Soul detected. Devoured Unique Ranked Green-Scaled Beast flesh. Random chance Gene Points +0 – +10»

The fascinating voice shocked Han Sen dumb

“Unique Rank Green-Scaled Beast…… Unique Rank Green-Scaled Beast……That dark crystal really is able to induce evolution for beasts……” Han Sen stood there so immensely happy that he wasn’t sure what to do.

After a while, Han Sen jumped up and cut open the stomach of the Green-Scaled Beast and plucked out that crystal that was the size and shape of a pigeon egg. without cleaning it, Han Sen held the crystal like it was his own flesh and blood. Only then did Han Sen dare to clean up the crystal and place it back in the center of his palm.

“Then it really was because of this crystal that the  Mysterious Blood Rank Black Beetle could reach the Mysterious Blood Rank……Then if I were to continue to allow that Green-Scaled Beast to evolve, it would also evolve into a Mysterious Blood Rank……” Han Sen didn’t dare to keep thinking about it as it was way too shocking for one person to take in.

Hans Sen trembled as he clasped onto the crystal in his hand. He fiercely chomped down on his tongue, then screeched in pain. He ecstatically discovered, this truly wasn’t a dream.

After giving a shout in excitement, Hansen carefully stored away the crystal. Afterwards the three or two claws and the carapace were fully cooked and Hansen drank the pure, light soup. He received another Mysterious Blood Gene Point, making his total number of Mysterious Blood Gene Points reach 8 in total.

Unfortunately, Han Sen didn’t have any but the most primitive tools, as well as the most primitive ways of cooking. He had no way of extracting that last two points out of the carapace. For Han Sen, being able to get one more Gene Point is already a not bad result.

Han Sen thought about the time he slaughtered that Mysterious Blood Black Beetle, he had earned a Mysterious Blood Black Beetle’s soul. He quickly opened up to see.

«Hansen: Evolution – Unqualified»

«Rank : None»

«Life Yuan: 200»

«Requirements for evolution: 100 Gene Points»

«Available Gene Points: 79 Gene Points, 8 Mysterious Blood Gene Points»

«Beast Souls: Mysterious Blood Rank Black Beetle»

«Mysterious Blood Rank Black Beetle Manifested Form: Type A Armor»

“I’ve never heard of Mysterious Blood Black Beetle’s Unusual Armor, I wonder what it will be like?” Han Sen thought and then a radiant light flashed around him before dispersing. Han Sen thought about the Black Beetle as he was basked in light.

Think about how the golden Black Beetle was able to fly, Han Sen felt his heart thumping. Suddenly the unusual golden color melted into liquid and surrounded Han Sen’s entire body in a blink of an eye. His entire body including his hair were wrapped in the gold.

From within the Golden Armor that Hansen was wrapped in,  the explosive power was coursing through his body. The armor was Medieval style with modern air mechanics, making it look like fine art.

The armor was brimming full of power, and it looked amazing to boot. Han Sen’s Entire body gave of an elegant and majestic feeling. It looked as though his body had explosive power coursing through it.

There was even a golden lustrous quality that made the armor seem like the golden carapace.  It gave off a Violent feeling, yet it also gave the feeling of a holy paladin.

The difference between the armor and clothes is, the Beast Soul Manifest Armor protects the entire body and head. Only in the joints, like the Black Beetle is the Achilles Heel revealed.

While moving around, Han Sen noted that not only was the armor not heavy, nor did it hinder his movements, but it made him feel lighter, and made him feel stronger.

“This is definitely worthy of the Mysterious Blood Rank Manifested Beast Soul Armor’s reputation. Compared to those Unique Ranked Manifested Beast Soul Armors, my armor is more beautiful by who knows how many times.” Han Sen was ecstatic. He used to be desperately envious of those who had Unique ranked armors. He never thought that he would even get a complete set of Mysterious Blood Rank Armor.

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