Memorial SS: The Sated Anri

“… ……………… …”


The Anri that was a divine being, squinted her eyes slightly in the faith that flows from all over.

Faith is like nutrition for the divine beings and if it is satiated, a feeling close to the feeling in humans of having a full stomach can be obtained.

Conversely, if one is lacking in faith, they will suffer severe hunger and because so, even if they eat and eat, they only will taste the suffering of hell.

Originally, faith held by Anri, who had the authority of “fear”, was in great quantity but recently it was spurred to flow further.

The reason is the autobiography written by Anri the human.

The autobiography that she wrote was disseminated through the Pope, through which Anri became widely known, so the amount of faith which flowed increased.

“─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ♪”


People will be happy if they have a full stomach. It was the same for the gods, who were not human beings.

Anri, who usually walked in the corridor of the shrine so that she could dance with a feeling of floating, discovered that there was a shadow ahead.

“Is that you Anri?

……? It seems that you are in a good mood. “

That shadow was Imperial Death, a steward for Anri at the evil temple.

Originally, he was the boss of the 30th rank of the underground dungeon, but because he had no intruders that could reach there and because there was no other person that could do the housekeeping at the current evil god temple, ruling out a possible emergency need, he decided to serve by Anri.

He extended the eternal Emperor courtesies, but he noticed that Anri ‘s atmosphere was different from usual and has questioned.

When Anri nodded, she explained why her own mood was good.

“Faith  has increased, thanks to the book written by the human me”

“Ha, that is wonderful.

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. “

“Thank you”


 For Imperial Death who had absolute loyalty and faith in Anri, Anri’s joy was his own pleasure.

Imperial Death did not have facial expressions, but from a red glint in his eyes, heartfelt joy was communicated. Anri caught this expressed thanks.

When Anri separated from Imperial Death, she returned to her room as usual, walking with a dance


While watching the retreating Anri, the immortal butler began thinking about something.


“Fuu ……”

Anri, who had come down to her room, threw a satisfying sigh, throwing herself onto the jet-black canopy bed.

She was lying on her side for a while, when before long, she extended her hand to the side of the pillow, picked up a book that was there, gazing at it.

That was aforementioned autobiography, which the human Anri had written.

It is the autobiography published by the Pope, but the human Anri also gave one sample to the divine Anri, so she cherished it carefully.



Anri of Humanity and Anri of the Divinity were the same person if you trace back.

In other words, this autobiography was both the autobiography of the human Anri and at the same time, it was the autobiography in respect of the divine Anri.

As Anri was filled with a pleasant feeling of satiety, she opened her autobiography while lying on her back and she looked back on her memories.


Book “Evil God Average” was a short memo of memorial days.

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I’m really thankful to you.

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