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Chapter 72 Queen Minotaurs Mozzarella Cheese

“Oi, what is this place? Isn’t it a dungeon?”




I used teleportation magic to bring Shiro and Kuro in front of a certain dungeon entrance.

It was an ‘A’ grade difficulty maze, which was not yet captured, and was called the ‘Kressos Ancient Ruins’.


Kuro made a puzzled face and asked,


“What will we do here? Weren’t you gonna treat me to more delicious food?”


“We’re going to all the troubles so I thought we might as well acquire the highest quality ingredients here.”


“Highest quality ingredient….. *gulp*”


That was enough to make Shiro purr like a cat.


“At a place like this?”


“Just follow me.”


We stepped into the dungeon.


The greatest trait of this dungeon is its extremely complicated maze structure.

There are tons of layers, hidden passages, hidden rooms, and crossroads.

On top of that, sometimes the structure just changes without any notice and maps become useless. It is said that many intruders have met their end in here without being able to escape.

And in fact, there were quite a lot of skeletons lying here and there.


“Wi-will it really be okay? It sure as hell won’t be funny getting trapped and wondering around here till death, you know?”


“Rest assured. I have gotten a grasp of the structures in the dungeon.”


The scope of my Detection- master is about 3 km in radius.

This dungeon too falls just about in that range so we do not need to worry about getting lost at all.


“I have been thinking this for a while but… what in the world are you?”


“Mm, Karuna is awesome.”





Suddenly, we heard the cry of a characteristic monster.

The super famous monster, Minotauros, had appeared.


“This guy’s meat tastes pretty good.”


“I had also thought that, once.”


Minotauros is a monster with whom even adventurers would have a hard time but, in front of dragons like Shiro and Kuro, they looked nothing more than small fries. Rather, they only looked like food to them.

But Kuro and Shiro’s opinion about minotaurs meat are the exact opposites.

I also agree with Shiro.


“Minotauros’ meat is too muscular so they are no good. They are hard and most importantly, they can’t even be used as cooking ingredients.”


“Mm. There is better meat than this.”




“Well, there are some softer ones, which are of different variety.”


“Bumuooooo-!! Bu-bumuoo?!”


It came up rushing like ‘What do you think you are, talking carelessly in this situation?!’ but was smashed to the wall with one punch from Shiro. The giant minotaurs was stuck to the wall fainted.


Now then, where might our preys be….?

Oh, unexpectedly close?


No, the straight route is not that far but you need to take a large detour.


Ah, that is true.

It is a pain so I just decided to see the route with clairvoyance and teleport to our destination.


“There it is, that’s our ingredient for today.”


And we had reached the deepest room in the maze,

It was there in the big wide room thought to be the boss room.


It had such a large build which made a normal minotaurs seem like a child in front of it.

Not only was it simply big in height, its width was also abnormally huge.

In fact, at this point, it just looks like a big lump of fat. It also looks like a big dumpling.

Per se, it was a big fatty.


It was the Queen Minotauros, the strongest of all the minotaurs.

On its flabby stomach, there were like 10 nipples lined up, which the little minotaurs’ were fighting over. They might look like children in scale but of course, they were above 2 meters in height. To be blunt, it was pretty gross.


“Nn, that one’s meat, looks delicious.”


Shiro… I am amazed you can even drool after looking at that.


“Well, certainly, it’s meat is delicious. It has too much marbled meat though. But, this time, we will be using its milk, not the meat.”




“Queen Minotauros’ milk is first-class.”


The queen minotaurs which was busy feeding noticed us and snorted ‘Bumuooooo-!!”

As she did that, all the minotaurs in the surrounding leaped at us all at once.


The queen minotaurs was too fat to move but it instigated its subordinates (?) like this to attack.

Moreover, it looks like that milk has the effect to empower the minotaurs so much that they couldn’t be compared to normal minotaurs.


“You’re in the way.”


“Haa, as if the likes of you cows can win against dragons!”


But even when they are empowered, they were not a match for Shiro and Kuro. They got blown away even after using their special rushing attack.


When the queen minotaurs saw how easily the other minotaurs got defeated, it let out a frightened snort ‘Bu-bumuo….”

But even still, it raised its soft and flabby hands with utmost effort and tried to resist.


“Don’t worry, we don’t plan on killing you.”




“No, we just want some milk.”




“Ah, yes, yes.”


It looked like the queen minotaurs was still a little alert but then it gave up became obedient.


“Can you really understand the cows?”


“Well, vaguely, yea.”


“Anything goes, huh….”


Thanks to Language Comprehension-Master.


After that, I extracted the milk from the minotaur.

Thick dense milk filled the container.


“Is this milk really that good?”


“Would you like to try some?”


I poured some over into a small container and handed it over to the skeptical Kuro.

The moment she drank the milk, her eyes became wide open.




Thank you.


“Nn, nnnn, nnnnnnnn”


“Oi, Shiro, don’t directly drink from it.”


Shiro clung onto the queen’s nipple.

She was drinking at an incredible speed.


After acquiring a certain amount of milk, we parted with the queen and returned to the farm.


In the cottage established on the farm, I gathered all the necessary ingredients and started cooking.


“And now, here is the mozzarella cheese made from the queen minotaur’s milk.”


I showed the cheese, which was as big as a fist, to the two dragons.

Mozzarella cheese is a kind of cheese native to Italy.

It actually needs quite a lot of time to ripen properly, but I used space-time magic to finish it up in 5 minutes. And it will be a pain to explain how to make it so I will just omit that.




It seems like Kuro does not even know about cheese.


“Putting it really simply, it’s a condensed form of milk.”


“Nn, cheese super delicious.”


And of course, as we made mozzarella cheese, pizza is compulsory.

I lightly put some tomato sauce on the pizza crust, both of which were made in the farm.

And on top of that, plenty mozzarella cheese and vegetable ingredients.

And after baking it with the stove in the cottage, it’s complete.




Seeing the freshly baked pizza out from the stove, Shiro let out a curious shout of joy.

The cheese had moderate burns in its texture making it look even more delicious.


Shiro was drooling just looking at it.


“Wait just a bit longer, I will cut it up for you.”


Holding back Shiro, I cut the pizza up into triangular shapes and brought up the cut portion. As I did that, the cheese extended, stirring up everyone’s appetite.




Having put the pizza in her mouth before anyone else, it was so delicious that she threw off her clothes.

Eh, why would you undress?

Is this a certain cooking manga?!


“Th-that much?! *Gulp*”


Following, Kuro also took a bite.





Even her words were turning weird.

Moreover, just like Shiro, she also threw off her clothes.


“Eh, why did I….?”


“It’s the dragon nature. You can’t help it.”


I also tried eating it.


It was already pretty good as milk but making it into cheese made the flavor even deeper. And to add nice and fresh vegetables on top of that, each excellent on their own, made it possible to enjoy a flavor of diversity.

The cheese’s texture was really good too, but the crunchy crusts were even better.


Why is master also naked?



Before I realized it, I had also undressed.


“Nn, seconds!”


“M-me too, me too! Give me more!”


Not losing to Shiro, Kuro also kept eating. All naked. As expected, being dragons, they have quite the appetite.


After that, I served each serving with a different arrangement till the dragon daughters had a total of more than 50 pizzas. All naked.







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