Another drama I watched live with the Soompi Community, this one was really torturous. I did not enjoy how it ended but it was a well-written story.

Empire of Gold OST- Ali- In My Dream

Spoiler: This song has nothing to do with the show even though it is part of the OST lol

I am quite disappointed by the feedback from this series compared to before, but given the hiatus between releases, I can understand it.

Chapter 150 Waist-splitting and Decapitation

“Doing this sort of training is like dancing on knives!”

The first feeling Jiang Li felt when he was pummeled into the air by Hong Heiyu was that this training was completely insane, hysterical even, to cease being concerned for his own life.

It was almost like something that someone possessed might do—completely ridiculous.

Although Jiang Li wasn’t one to fear pain or exhaustion, he still believed that gradual progression through slow training was the most effective way to succeed.

That was the correct way to do things. Throwing one’s life away just for a chance to become more powerful was idiotic. If you only got one chance at life, it’s never a good idea to risk it unless the situation makes it necessary.

Unfortunately, having a master like Hong Heiyu was forcing his hand.

The moment he landed in the valley, he felt an intense pressure descend upon him. Gravity 20 times that of Earth’s pressed down on him—each inch of his skin, his pores, his cells, his organs, even his bones started to creak. He felt as if he were trapped within a crystal that was collapsing in on itself, condensing.

His whole body was shrinking, organs beginning to squeeze together.

As a last resort, he released the liquidated vital energies in his body, combining them with the water cells throughout his body. Bit by bit, his life force climbed, and his body began to emanate an intense energy. Finally, he began to feel a bit better.

But even when he tried to walk, he felt that his range of activity was still severely limited. He was at least 20 times slower than he usually was.

Attempting a punch, he realized that it no longer crackled with the same energies he possessed previously. His fist emanated a slight aura that wasn’t very strong as if he had been beaten down back to the level of a normal person when his life force was only 0.7 once again.

That was because, under the intense gravity, airflow had been constricted to even less than a trickle and could barely even ripple.

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