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Completely wiped, completely wiped out!”


Outside the field, as the white stone fell, the space flashed as the three of them appeared under a towering tree. Xue Ling and Luohan were still unconscious, wearing suits of silver sonic armor as they fell and sat down on the grass, with blurred gazes.


Jiang Li looked at them, four words had been left in his heart.


Completely annihilated.


Nobody expected that Nie Wanxiong possessed a Holy Seed inside his body. Although the Second Element of God was blessed by a master, and would wither soon if no energy was supplied to it, at least its power is unbeatable for the moment, able to destroy sonic amours as easily as smashing ants.


“Jiang Li, how did we escape?” Finally, Luohan and Xue Ling regained consciousness. They didn’t even know what had happened. The moment the incident occurred, both of them dizzily approached Jiang Li. Later, they felt their surroundings raging like a storm, so they tried hard to escape. Once they regained consciousness, they found themselves sitting on the ground.


This is because Jiang Li had mind controlled them, as he didn’t want them to discover the mystery of the milky white stone.


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