Lu Jin attacked Jiang Li swiftly and fiercely. Without a doubt, he was a brutal man who sought an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.


Jiang Li did not move, but suddenly a sharp light crossed both his eyes.




The words came out slowly from his mouth, as if the Buddha were vanquishing with his mantra. Other people might have heard it comfortably, but deep inside both of Lu Jin’s ears, the mantra was as loud as thunder rumbling, destroying all of his thinking and emotions.


His hand stopped 3 inches in front of Jiang Li, unable to move and attack, he looked dull-witted, mind-controlled by Jiang Li.


Jiang Li was even able to hypnotize Nie Wanxiong. During the time when both of them were clashing within their souls, he has enlightened upon the Dao once again, and therefore his spiritual power rose sharply. Although his life force was only at 3, using his spiritual power to hypnotize Lu Jin was not a problem.


“Lay down!”


Jiang Li shouted another command.


Lu Jin laid down just as if he were the walking dead, he did not have any ability to resist, his soul had been enslaved completely.


Jiang Li did not even look at Lu Jin, he turned backwards and said: “Lu Jin isn’t worthy of being rescued compared to the natives, they are much better than Lu Jin.”


“He really is scum.” Ji Qing Wu noticed there was a murderous

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