Emperor of the Cosmos – Chapter 151 – Understanding




In the thick fog, a golden light surged.


An arm of Jiang Li was cut, but his courage remained. He used another hand to grab the one that had fallen. A voice came near his ear, “run your mind, do not leak your blood, move forward!”


That was the pursuing of Hong Hei Yu.


The cruel practices in Death Valley were going on like this.


In the dense fog of Death Valley, there was a golden glow everywhere. This was the Sword’s Energy, left by the world-famous Holy Fetus when it sacrificed the flying sword. Anyone who encountered this would have their hands and legs broken, their heads cut off, and their waists split.


Jiang Li really didn’t want to train like this, but he did not have other solutions. He did it all because of Hong Hei Yu, and he was forced to enter the Death Valley for the second time. After having one of his arms broken, he wanted to retrieve, yet Hong Hei Yu forced him to move on.


There was no other way. He just had to go on without stopping. At this time, he was only about 30 meters deep in the Death Valley. He also had no idea how long and deep the Death Valley was. Looking down from the Sky, he could only see a thick greyish cloud. No one could ever understand what’s inside.


The more he approached forward, the more danger he found.


The Sword’s Energy was getting stronger.


The Sword’s Energy seemed to have its spirituality. It could almost feel a human’s flesh and blood. It wanted to absorb flesh and blood from Jiang Li.




Another three-foot-long, entangled golden light rushed forward him. It seemed like a golden snake was aiming at Jiang Li’s throat, ready for a good bite.


“God damn! How dare you cut my head!” Jiang Li could not allow such a thing to happen. He jumped fiercely to the other side, only to see the golden snake bypassing him, and cut off one of his legs.


This time, Jiang Li had only one arm and one leg left.


“Continue moving forward!” Hong Hei Yu was yelling outside, “even Xing Tian who lost his head was willing to fight until the very last moment!”


Jiang bit his lips and continued. By using his will power, he controlled his body’s endocrine, water and blood. He evaded the golden light. However, as he went deeper, two more golden lights appeared, cutting open his other arm and leg.


His limbs were all broken, and he couldn’t help but twitch on the ground.


At this time, Hong Hei Yu flew up and grabbed him, along with the broken arm and leg, he bought Jiang Li inside the battleship and operated him in a high-tech operation room.


Jiang Li seemed to have a clear consciousness.


He still looked calm even after having all his limbs cut off. Since he also had his waist split before, it was not such a big deal for his limbs removed. It’s just another time of endurance of physical pain.


This was exactly a training in Hell.


“Our physical pain is just a change in our material world. If you don’t have a heart, you won’t feel a thing even if you’re crushed. Once you’ve gone through Hell, and if you survive, everything will become Heaven for you.”


While helping Jiang Li for his treatment, Hong Hei Yu explained.


“If you focus too much on your body, you can’t free your spirit.  You have to know that although our physical body is the root of this material world, it’s also a prison. You have to escape this prison to let your mind get in touch with the world.”


After an hour, all of the limbs of Jiang Li were reconnected. Hong Hei Yu then put some Life Fruit on him and surged some energy into him to let his new cells grow. He’s a brand new person.


The operation room of Hong Hei Yu had the best technology of humankind. No machines were required for an operation, and everything was done by the energy.


He was a high-ranking human being, and this battleship had everything needed to rescue a life.


“Master, the technology in this room is really developed.” Jiang Li stood up again and tried to move his arms and legs, he was amazed, “when can I have all these?”


“When you master the skills of  Fetal respiration, and once you gain more money, your status will be different as well. At that time, you will be able to let the producer of battleships make one for you. Of course, you will have to do the design yourself.” Even medical operations were finished by energy and light brain waves. There were also artificial flesh, high-tech genetic materials, neuron manufacturing systems. Such kind of operations does not exist at all in an average human area. See, after two surgeries, you don’t suffer from any side effects. If you operate in the elite area, you will need about 100 million.


“Are you saying that my two surgeries cost 200 million?” Jiang Li was shocked.


He knew very well that it’s nearly impossible not to have any side effects. A typical large hospital could save your lives, but they can’t spare you from side effects, as his neurons have been destroyed.


Especially when Jiang Li got his waist split, his central nervous system was destroyed.


“You have two hours. Then, we’ll get in again!”


At this time, Hong Hei Yu finished his treatment, “don’t worry about the cost of treatment. As long as I can train you, I am willing to pay even 10 billion. The only thing you should do is to train endlessly.”


“Master, I can see that my vitality hasn’t improved a lot even after so many trainings.” Jiang Li tried to convince Hong Hei Yu.

“Your vitality can be easily raised. You can absorb the aura of the Heaven and the Earth. Even if you can’t absorb, I can give you lots of Spirit Stones!” Hong Hei Yu yelled, “I want you to cultivate your spirit. Once you do, nothing will stop you!”


Jiang Li didn’t refute further. All he could do was to take a rest before continuing.


After being dismembered twice, his mind had felt the horror of life and death. It seemed that there was a shadow that could not be swayed. However, such an incident made him look more lightly on his body. His mind became active, as if it had entered a state of nothingness.


He knew very well that this hellish practice would foster a rapid growth to his mind.


If he were not under the cultivation of his instructor Hong Hei Yu, he would never undergo such intensive trainings.


Two hours later, all his spirits recovered again, he became fearless and re-entered the Death Valley.


Later, his waist got split again and was rescued by the Hong Hei Yu. He was in unbearable pain, yet he looked more peaceful. He was similar to the former life of Buddha, when he was still a celestial being, frequently insulted and hurt by Kalingaraja.


According to the Diamond Sutra, the former self of Buddha got his body cut in pieces by Kalingaraja. He was supposed to get angry, but he didn’t. Instead, once he became Buddha, Kalingaraja was the first one receiving his blessing.


This can only be done by someone not caring anymore about life and death. He doesn’t even have hatred after being dismembered.


He went deeper, and he got rescued again and again.


Finally, on the third day, his waist got split three times, his limbs broke for four times and his stomach was cut open three times. Each time, he got hurt by the Sword’s Energy. And each time, he had a different experience.


He also went further and further in the Death Valley.




Once again, within a hundred meters of the Death Valley, a thunderous golden light flew over quickly and violently, it was five times the speed of sound, wrapping around his neck.




This time, Jiang Li experienced a different feeling.


He saw his body and head separated, and at this moment, his head could no longer control the body, and the body could not deliver oxygen to the head.


His brain cells began to stop working, and the endless darkness was produced in the depth of his soul. It seemed that all thoughts were drawn into a black hole.


His mind was flustered. Knowing that this was a precursor to death, and that he had once experienced it in his life, which he remembered it firmly.


“If there is a future life, my heart will be clear as glass. There will be no single dirt….” He recalled many scriptures, which finally settled in the Great Seal of the Mind. Everything is like a dream. He has a feeling of awakening.


At this time, and he couldn’t see anything further.


No one knew how long it took. When he woke up again, he saw myself lying on the operating table again. Hong Hei Yu stood up, “so, how do you feel? Finally, you were beheaded.”


“Master, how much did I spend again on the treatment?” Jiang Li woke up, the first thing he asked was this, which surprised Hong Hei Yu, “this time, I had to operate your neurons, your central nervous system, so that there’re no side effects. It costs about 300 million. Aside from this, I will stabilize your spirit and shattered soul, and that is priceless.”


He was telling the truth.


It was difficult to hire a mid-level hypnotist, and Hong Hei Yu could be considered as a super hypnotist.


This kind of person can only be found in the elite zone.


“I asked what have you realized?” Hong Hei Yu asked again.


“I haven’t realized anything.” Jiang Li replied.


“What? Then your head was cut off for nothing. You should have it cut again.” Hong Hei Yu grabbed Jiang Li and threw him into the Death Valley again.


Jiang Li hastened to dodge, “I said that I had not realized anything, it doesn’t literally mean I didn’t understand anything, but I had come to realize that my existence is neither there, nor absent. That’s why I gave such a reply.”


“Very well, you’ve understood some mysteries of life and death. It’s not a matter of existence or absence.” Hong Hei Yu withdrew his hand, “but, you still have to train in the Death Valley again, now rest for five hours.”



Jiang Li didn’t say anything, he put the relics in his mouth and walked out of the battleship. In front of the Death Valley, he started to breathe in the Fetal Respiration.


In an instant, he was absorbing all the spiritual aura.


Taking himself as the center, he saw so much fog forming his body. This fog wasn’t mist, but a kind of spiritual aura emerged from the second space, under the effect of the relics. The fog began to be condensed and liquidized.


Hong Hei Yu looked at Jiang Li who was surrounded by the white fog, and he became a little excited, “all my efforts are paid off. It’s a great relief to watch your mind and will power grow, and you’ve begun to understand the way life is. And what you’re having is also powerful – it can absorb the spiritual aura like this, it’s much more effective than swallowing a spiritual stone.”


The streams of white fog kept entering the body of Jiang Li. His body made sounds continuously. It’s obvious he was gaining back his vitality.


It increased from 4 to 4.1!


This time, his vitality didn’t increase as fast as last time, but even an increase of 0.1 was a huge improvement.

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