I am giving up on this and Big Life. I will set a more realistic goal and kick sentimentality out the window. First Hunter has about 60 chapters left unlike the two mentioned above with over 100 chapters each. Even if I need to beg on the street I will get First Hunter finished next year. Due to the lack of availability of Korean translators I will not pick up any Korean projects after it but then again I am a glutton for punishment. A well known M 😉



Chapter 100 Part 2


“Are you really being sincere?  I suddenly feel bad and sorry.”

“If you feel sorry then buy me dinner sometime.”

“Well, that I can do.”

“This time, only the two of us.”

“…..Uh.  Will do.”


As I nodded, Sooah raised both of her hands high.  Junseok Han gave her big thumbs up as he nodded, looking in her direction.

“Were you just acting?”

“Yup.  No reneging.”

I let out a big sigh.  However, I was relieved to learn that she wasn’t really upset.

It will be another hour before we could enter the Dungeon.

While waiting for our turn, we sat and ordered teas at a near Buddhist temple.

There were only one restaurant and a tea house run by the temple.

They only served

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