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Yuusha no Furi

Chapter 38 Minya’s pride dance! (Job change)

Refreshing sunlight was pouring into the morning bay.

The blue waves of the sea were sparkling.

Days remaining till festival end: 3.


Today as well, I had to come for Lapisia’s swimming training.

But the situation had completely changed.

There was already a crowd of people present. Singles, couples and with families.

People who were relaxing under the parasol, people who were doing a casual swim and people who were playing with the ball.


To my surprise, there was a hut near the forest of the sandy beach.

Behind the small room, there was a part of the forest covered with curtains for people to change clothes.

In the shop, they were providing light meals and drinks along with kickboards and beach parasols.



I ended up muttering reflexively,


“A sea house…”


“That’s quite the interesting name.”


Celica said, giving a smile.


“I did tell them there was stuff like these in my world. But to think they would already be able to set it up.”


It drew Lapisia’s curiosity so she went running towards it.

I also followed.


The shop was only about 10 tatami mats and was small.

In front of the shop, there was a cart which was cooking and selling food and drinks.

Inside the shop, there was a person with a headband which had ‘Kickboards and parasols are being lent’. It was a familiar face.


“Driad…. You are pretty fast, with quite a lot of things.”


“Ah, if it isn’t the hero-sama. Good morning.”


“So the shop’s boss works himself?”


“When setting out on a new job, at first I take the lead. If I don’t, my subordinates can’t keep up.”


“Hoho. That’s a nice thought. Is the business going well?”


“It is going pretty well. We have already sold 200 swimsuits after all. More people will be coming in afternoon.”


“Doing well I see. Everyone will be coming to Hero Keika’s beach. My name will also spread.”


“Yes, as long as this bay exists, your name will keep spreading.”


—-Having an easy name for the beach would be good for the sell points too. It will be easy to promote.


“How is the high-speed transport coming along? Is it going well?”


“Yes, of course! The population of Naga increased so I can put it out 2 times a day. You can reach the royal capital in half a day so it is really good for business and the reviews are great as well!”


“Any complaints or harassment from the other firms or merchants?”


“There were some on the first day but, that is that. You also fixed merchants guild head Amsbar-san’s cause of a headache, this bay. I received his word, as I am trusted by the hero and Naga. It is all fine now.”


“That’s a relief— I am counting on you then.”


“Yes, please leave it to me!”



I left the sea house and looked at the sand beach.

About 50 people were enjoying swimming in the bay. It was bustling with happy voices.


I was being content that it had all went quite well but, Minya said with a frightened voice,


“Keika-onii-chan… let’s

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