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Chapter 24 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter Title:  Immortal Sword Congress

Xie Xi turned his head in silence. It looked as if he was angry but he did not stay angry for very long. The temporary vigor that the wine gave him kindled for just a moment before quickly running out and he fell asleep on the stone table, on his stomach.

Chu Yu poked Xie Xi’s face, to confirm that he really was asleep. He got up with a sigh, and went to tend to the maple tree in his courtyard.

He looked up at the maple for a while then took out the thin maple leaf he had picked up before. Taking out a brush and ink, he wrote “Chu Yu.” He then bent down and dug a small hole under the maple tree to bury the leaf in.

After he finished doing all of this, Chu Yu examined his accumulated points again. He was cheated out of a lot of points when he bought the manual on how to pick up girls so his total score had fallen down a deep pit. The recent plot developments had garnered both praise and criticism. The points rose and fell until they finally settled at 188, which is so far away from 1,000 points that it seems impossible to achieve.

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