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Chapter 141 Things won’t go awry, will they?

It was quiet in the middle of the night. The group dragged themselves into their rooms. The whole day of training exhausted everyone, and they were bringing their things to the bathhouse to wash themselves. The bathhouse was probably Jing Yue’s favorite place.

Instead of being a communal bathing area, the bathhouse was split up into many rooms. Before Jing Yue and Shangong Linglan had arrived, the other rooms around them were already packed full of people. It was only after they looked around that they found an empty one.

“Ahh…this is so comfy.” Jing Yue said as he sunk herself into the tub, narrowing her eyes. The bathhouse was separated by wooden screens, but they could speak to each other. Shanggong Linglan and Ning Xiangyuan talked to each other and could hear everything on the other side.

“Be careful, don’t drown,” Shanggong Linglan joked in a cool tone.

“You think that everyone is like you? Drowning?” Jing Yue quipped without reservation. “I’m actually quite at home in water.”

“Haha…well then, we’ll compete sometime in the future!” Shanggong Linglan immediately got defensive and spoke in a louder voice.

“We’ll go at it, then!” Jing Yue wasn’t about to look weak. Ning Xiangyuan began to passively persuade her against it, while Liu Miaoqiu also occasionally piped up with a line or two. The bathhouse started to grow lively. But no one noticed that a pair of bare feet tiptoed in quietly.

The figure crouched, bringing out a bamboo tube out from behind. Raising their head, they revealed their face in the candelight: a face that was pure, stunningly beautiful, but filled with coldness. Hearing the laughter and chatter of the group, their heart filled with nothing but hatred.


“Laugh all you want now…Laugh. You’ll be screaming later.” The corner of Jing Yan’s lips curved up in contempt as she opened up the tube in her hands. A colorful snake swam out, sliding around the floor freely.

“Go now…have fun.” Jing Yan stood up and watched it swim toward Jing Yue and the others. With a triumphant smile, she left the bathhouse.

“Jing Yan, will this be okay?” Dong Sier, who had been standing guard at the door, approached in a hurry and asked in a concerned tone.

“What are you scared of? It’s not poisonous.” Jing Yan said, rolling her eyes. “They’ve just been so arrogant these days that I wanted to teach them a lesson.”

“Of course, of course…” Dong Sier was relieved after hearing this. If they actually ended up maiming or killing anyone, then it would be a disaster for their family!

“Go and get your sisters over here to watch. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to see a nice scene of beauties emerging from the bath!” Jing Yan chuckled. On her innocent features was a small smile.

Jing Yue and the others were in the heat of their conversation. Ning Xiangyuan was about to reach out for some soap. As she extended her hand, she glimpsed the snake’s head, upright in the air, its red mouth opening in her direction. In that moment, she began to shriek. “Ahhh!”

“What’s wrong?” Ning Xiangyuan’s shriek of surprise roused Jing Yue and Shanggong Linglan enough that they grabbed some clothes to cover themselves before jumping out of the bathtub. Immediately they saw her, sitting on the ground with only a thin layer of clothing covering her body. Her expression was mortified as she pointed into the bathroom.

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