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Chapter 142 It won’t bite

“Snake…there’s a snake!” Ning Xiangyuan’s face was pale with fear. Jing Yue glanced over and spotted the snake, swimming about in the water of the bathtub.

“Oh, it’s just a small snake.” Jing Yue walked over, expressionless. Reaching out, she grabbed the snake. Ning Xiangyuan and Shanggong Linglan were both shocked.

Although Shanggong Linglan wasn’t scared of it, she wasn’t willing to reach out and grab it. Unexpectedly enough, Jing Yue had been brave enough to just grab the thing. Liu Miaoqiu was even more afraid: her face pale from fear, shuddering as if she were about to fall down.

“You dare intrude on my territory and act up like this? You seem to be having fun, huh?” Jing Yue said, grabbing the snake by the head, her gaze threatening. It went limp in her hands, staring at her with pleading eyes.

It didn’t know that she would be here. If it did, it definitely wouldn’t be out to scare people for fun!

“Jing Yue, you…you…should kill it!” Shanggong Linglan said. The moment Jing Yue started talking to the snake, all of the others started wearing odd expressions. “It’s kind of scary when you grab it like that.”

“It’s okay.” Jing Yue opened her palm. The snake was too afraid to move, and just lay flat in her hand obediently. Everyone else was shocked.

“It won’t bite,” Jing Yue said, “It doesn’t look like a poisonous snake either.” Saying this, she reached out to open its mouth. Immediately Shangong Linglan was frozen, staring at Jing Yue with a faceful of fear.

No one should be risking their life on something like this!


“Open up,” Jing Yue said to the snake, her eyes narrowed. A shudder passed through the snake’s body, and it slowly opened its mouth. It watched Jing Yue’s fingers pass over its fangs, but didn’t bite.

The others watched from the side, feeling a little thrill with each movement she made. Drawing her hand back, Jing Yue wiped it on her clothes, slightly disgusted. “It doesn’t seem to be poisonous. But this bright red line on its stomach is very strange. I’ve never seen a snake like this before!”

Jing Yue frowned, trying to recall all the varieties of snakes she’d seen in her past and present life. She couldn’t remember any records on this snake. It looked like a normal garden snake, but that red line was a bit too odd.

“Stop touching it! Why would there be a snake in this bathhouse?” Shanggong Linglan said, helping Ning Xiangyuan up.

“Well, that’s obvious. Someone must have let it in.” Jing Yue said coolly, her fingers still toying with the snake. “Get your clothes on. I bet there are plenty of people out there waiting to see us in an embarrassing state.”

“What? Someone let it in?” Shangong Linglan’s expression turned cold, her eyes wide. “Who would be so bold? Plus, why would they do it? We haven’t wronged anyone recently?”

“You and I have been too showy in the classroom. Clearly someone doesn’t like that, and wants to give us a show of power to put a damper on our parade.” Jing Yue rolled her eyes. “If that’s the case, we can’t just be so unmoved by the whole ordeal. You guys, act something out with me.”

Outside of the bathhouse, everyone had heard the screams and gathered over. They stood at the door, faces full of confusion and curiosity.

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