Chapter 143 Take off your clothes!


Outside of the bathhouse, everyone had gathered around after hearing the screams from inside. They stood outside, each of them looking more confused than the next.


“How come they screamed for a bit and then stopped? Do you think something could have gone wrong? Should we go in and take a look?” One of the onlookers, a girl from a noble family, said with a slight frown of concern.


“I don’t think so. What could happen here?” Jing Yan said. She was a bit confused as well; had they been scared so badly that they passed out? If not, how would they be silent for so long? She turned around to see the girls of noble birth behind her, gathered in a crowd.


“Ah!!” Another scream came from inside, frightening everyone. Now they had heard it for sure. All of them looked up at the same time.


“Aiya! There’s a snake!” Just as everyone was looking in that direction, someone charged out. There was something in their hands that they just started slinging around wildly.


“Ah!” When everyone looked around, they saw that the person who had charged out was none other than Jing Yue. The thing she was slinging around was a snake. It was obvious that she was in shock. As she kept swinging it, the snake flew from her hand and onto Jing Yan.


“What is this! Ahh!” Jing Yan wasn’t doing anything just now. But the moment she looked at Jing Yue she saw the thing being thrown at her and felt a chill down her neck. Something had burrowed down!


“Ah, ah! There’s a snake under your clothes!” Dong Sier, who was standing next to Jing Yan, watched the little snake slither in. Her pretty face went pale as she started to shriek.


“Where is it! Help me get it out!” Jing Yan’s expression changed as she felt something moving around under her clothes, almost starting to cry in desperation.


“Quick! Take off your clothes!” Someone shouted amidst the chaos. As if finding a source of comfort, Jing Yan started to strip without hesitation.


“Everyone help!” When someone called out, everyone stepped forward to help Jing Yan strip. In all the chaos Jing Yan didn’t feel her clothes coming off, but did feel like someone was scratching at her body. Clearly someone was mixing into the crowd and messing with her.


“It’s gone! The snake is gone!” Only when people heard that did they breathe a sigh of relief. A few of the more cowardly ones kept glancing at their feet, afraid that the snake would slither out somewhere.


When they turned around to look at Jing Yan, they were shocked. Right now, the Jing Yan who sat there on the ground with a look of exhaustion and her clothes and hair in disarray didn’t look the slightest bit attractive. In fact, it looked as if she had just been violated.


All the young ladies glanced at each other with looks of derision. Being able to see the daughter of the minister’s family like this was quite amusing, to say the least. It seemed like the remaining days wouldn’t be quite so boring. Everyone had something to talk about during meals now.


Jing Yan’s face was bright with embarrassment like it had been scorched by flames. Looking up, she saw that Jing Yue and the others were neatly dressed without the slightest look of panic. Obviously they had done all this on purpose!


But she couldn’t make any accusations. She had been the one to release the snake, after all. If Granny Yun figured things out, she’d probably be made to leave the academy again. It took so much effort to get her grandfather to convince the eldest princess for her to return. If she were forced to leave again, she’d lose all of her reputation.


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