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Section 26 Part 3

When Park In-Young of Messiah was trying to create an organization called Messiah, the first thing she cared about was violence that could judge those who challenged their faith.

We gathered arouses with stigmata, and armed them with artifacts.


At the same time, they gathered properly trained soldiers and organized military units.


It was not difficult to gather soldiers.

In Chungcheong-do <Area>, there was the 2nd Division Warrior under the command of the 32nd Division, and there was also the largest training center in Korea, better known as the famous Army Training Center.


The Messiah organized the army by selecting the best of the soldiers from there.

It was really the army of God.


Even after organizing the army, they trained and practiced them and made them elite.


That was it.


“Catch! Catch that Monster! ”


For Kim Tae-Hoon, that’s all they had. They were just under-trained soldiers, no more than that.

They did not have any real EXP.


Even if it is compared to the actual EXP of Kim Tae-Hoon, it is really low.


The difference is comparable to the difference between a tiger and a mouse.


If the field is wide, the mice will run away and the tiger will not be able to catch the mice easily.

But if you put a tiger and a mouse together in a small cage, it won’t take too long and hard for the tiger to take it.


That was the reason.


‘Finish as soon as possible.’

The reason why Kim Tae-Hoon made a group denying the Messiah with a lot of effort, and lured them to the grant.



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