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Chapter 230 Give Mercy on Your Pathetic Life

Ye Feng went near Long Wan’er who was seriously injured, but she felt something strange when saw him.

‘Why are there two Ye Feng? Is the Ye Feng in the iceberg I saw before a fake?’ thought Long Wan’er

She hadn’t thought clearly about it, suddenly Ye Feng shot his blue ray gun. At the same time, he pulled Wan’er to his side.

“Humph, damn girl, I give mercy to your pathetic life this time.” Said Long Mo Ran

As Long Mo Ran saw Ye Feng walked near, his face suddenly changed.

To  Long Mo Ran, now, Ye Feng was a danger. If Ye Feng used his void sword, he would have died. As it was a flash, who could handle it?

For now, his level couldn’t beat him, but what if he took the Mysterious Thousand Years Ice energy….

Long Mo Ran didn’t think to much, he ran to the Ice and cracked it up.


The Mysterious Thousand Years Ice was taken by Long Mo Ran.

Ye Feng who saw this situation was shocked, but, why didn’t the ice respond? The Hell, it’s nonsense, it supposed to turn him into ice block, why did  the ice only responded twice?

“Hahahahaha” (Long Mo Ran)

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