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The God Slaying Hero and the Seven Covenants


Silver Ghost’s Sword


Cling, clang. Cling, clang.


I can hear metal striking from far away. As I listen, I think of breakfast… no, yesterday’s di—lunch? Perhaps I’m thinking of the dishes and utensils we used a few days ago.

I scrub stubborn residue from dishes with a washcloth and then hand them over to Miss Francesca, who wipes them dry. Then, Miss Francesca Sollunea takes the dishes dried off by Miss Francesca, and stores them neatly on a shelf.


Miss Francesca, rather than wearing her customary blue mantle, now wears a lavishly frilly white apron. Sollunea, of course follows, but wears a pink apron. Maintaining her cool composure, the beautiful pink-aproned Sollunea appears quite surreal.

These aprons – why on earth would one be interested something like that? It’s not that they’re bad, but to be honest, except for being fitting for Miss Francesca, I think it’s not a house-owner like thing to use. But really, while they are aprons, they are nice and like new. They are likely to never be used again.


Why would someone used to live alone have a whole bunch of aprons to use in the first place? And, they come in all sorts of colors. Just from here, I can see three different ones hanging on the back wall.


[What’s wrong, Renji?]

“Nothing. But why would they be using aprons that were never to be used?”

[Don’t put it like that…]

Ermenhilde’s words had no power because she herself would most certainly not use them, I imagine.

In another world, I tightened a water faucet that wasn’t installed properly and wiped my wet hands with a dry towel. The sink I saw before, which was full of dirty dishes, is from the looks of it has been cleaned.

If I could, I would clean up every corner of this place. But then landlord of this house would start to not clean at all and everything would get messed up again. Then I would be drive once again to clean the whole place. In any case it’s the landlord’s problem whether this place is clean or not, regardless if he does any cleaning or not.


At that time, even with fists dropping in my head, I driven to clean.

“Looks like everything’s been tidied up.”

[Only on the surface.]


Replying to Miss Francesca’s voice, Ermenhilde’s true intentions behind those words remained hidden as she looked up. Answering with a cute shrug of the shoulders, she continues directing her gaze towards the second floor.





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