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Golden Word Master

Chapter 304 Taishi’s Resolve

In the blink of an eye, the formation of the Allied Forces of Miracle at the Demon Capital, Xaos, was known throughout the continent. And naturally, that news also reached Victorias.


Avoros had probably predicted that it would happen as he wasn’t surprised in the slightest and, in fact, appeared to be enjoying himself while listening to the report.


“I see, this has gotten interesting. To think that Judom Lankers had already gone over to the demon world.”


“Wouldn’t it have been better to obliterate him rather than leaving him?”



The Valkyria no. 5 uttered, without showing any emotion, standing beside the throne on which Avoros was sitting.


“No, this is fine. It’s fine if they just come invading with the army they think is the best. I will make them all submit to me with my power. I will turn the hope and miracles they believe in into despair.”


“However, he has gathered 3 races now. And among them, the hero whom we have failed to capture also exists.”


“Seems like it. Kuku, but we have our pieces, as well. For the hero…… the hero.”


Avoros laughed and got off the throne.


“Directing is also important in a war, you know? I will have the hero carry out his mission as the hero. Where is he now?”


“Yes, he is probably in that room.”


“I see, then I guess I will go tell him. To teach him what he must do.”



Below the royal castle in Victorias, Avoros had made a vast space. It was made similar to the ruins which the Cupid race made long ago.


Surrounding the large magic circle lied a huge number of coffins. The only thing different from the ruins the Cupid race built was that it had an ominous huge stone that emitted blue light inserted into the wall instead of the stone statue of a beast.


And inside of that stone lied something with a human-like body, covered in bandages, making it difficult to discern its appearance. The stone was also filled with some sort of a liquid, as the bandaged body kept slightly swaying up and down. Bubbles were also forming from its mouth.


There was one person looking at that stone with an expression of grief. His name was Aoyama Taishi. He was an Earthling who was summoned to this other world, Edea, by the will of Victorias’ king as one of the heroes.


“Don’t worry, he’s not dead.”


A child-like voice said from behind him. When Taishi turned to look, there stood Avoros, with his usual fearless smile, unknowing of defeat. Even no. 5 was beside him.


Taishi glared at them with hate.


“Kukuku, don’t make such a scary face. Just as I said before, that thing is not dead.”


“Don’t say ‘that thing’!”


Feeling anger swell up, Taishi shouted, gripping his fist strongly. But Avoros was still smiling, as if he even that was amusing to him.


“You received an explanation about it, right? That… Kuku, that child is still alive.”


“Da… damn it…”


Taishi trembled and gritted his teeth in frustration. Avoros shifted his gaze towards the bandaged human and said,


“Seems like it has adapted quite a bit.”


“….What exactly… is it doing?”


“Ah, I see. You didn’t hear anything from them, eh? Mmm, well, I did come here to discuss that as well, so let’s have a talk.”


Taishi gulped, now paying attention to what Avoros was about to say.


“That child is, well, a sacrifice.”


“Wha?! W-w-what in the world are you talking about?!”


He tried to grab Avoros but no. 5 came in front of him, blocking the way. Taishi reluctantly stopped.


“Ahaha, don’t be so angry. That child is just scheduled to be sacrificed, for now.”


“W-what do you mean?”


“Hmm, right. Do you understand what this place is?”


“This place…?”


All the coffins standing in a row and the magic circle at their center, as if it was protecting them. And the wall which has a crystal-like stone inserted in it. A very ominous and queer scene.



“This is the place to perform the ritual of resurrection. And, to resurrect the thing I want most, I chose that child, you see.”


“D-don’t mess around with me! Why Chika?! I am–we’re not even dwellers of this world in the first place!”


That’s right, the bandaged person inside that crystal was Suzumiya Chika, who was summoned just like Taishi.


“Why… why?! We just… to save the Humas… why did it come to this…”


Taishi fell to his knees and hung his head. Looking down on Taishi with cold eyes, Avoros said,


“…Naive. Do you really believe bullshit like everyone getting what they want?”




Without being able to say anything back, the cold and harsh voice just echoed.


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