Translator: jmf028

Guin Saga Book 6 Chapter 2 Part 1

List of characters mentioned in Ch2 Part 1:
Riyaad: The name given to Guin by the Sem
Siba: One of the first Sem to put his trust in Guin, and a member of the Raku tribe of Sem.
Gaulo: The head of the Karoi tribe of Sem. The Karoi are known as the most brutal of the Sem, and they originally were feared because of their willingness to kill Sem of other tribes. They were also the last to put their trust in Guin.
The Shining Lady: Istavan was given a prophecy when he was born that mentioned he would marry a shining lady, and he would have his own kingdom. The audience knows this is Amnelis, but Istavan wonders if it may be referring to Rinda, one of the twins of Parros that is with him in Nospherus.
Irana (Also mentioned in Ch1 Part 1): Goddess that is married to the warrior god, Ruah.
Loto: Chief of the Raku tribe of Sem.

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