Chapter 7, Part 7 (88): Yuuji Goes to the Adventurers’ Guild


“Hah! Hah! Hup!”

It was the morning right after their meeting with the governor and the wife of the feudal lord, and Yuuji had completed his pathfinder registration.

Standing in the back yard of Kevin’s firm, Yuuji had taken to waving about a spear in solitude. It was most certainly not a thinly-veiled attempt at purging himself from the onslaught of worldly desires catalysed by the charm of a voluptuous bosom.

In a world teeming with monsters, this kind of thing was nothing more than a daily routine meant to hone his skills in self-defence. He had picked up the basics of wielding these short spears on the way to town, courtesy of Kevin’s exclusive escort, and his movements traced what he had been taught.

Chapter 88

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