Chapter 41. Be Quite Ruthless, Also Quite Vicious ( 6 )


“FengYang, I have to head back.” Mo Lian Cheng said, he did not care about FengYang’s unhappiness. Lien Cheng then turned to start staring at Qu Tan Er.


“Already? Elder Brother Lian Cheng?” FengYang questioned.


“It’s not like you don’t know that I do not like staying in the palace” Replied Lian Cheng while he continues to stare at Qu Tan Er even though he was replying Feng Yang.


Qu Tan Er looked down and smiled. She doesn’t mind that Lian Cheng is staring at her. Being stared at isn’t a bad thing anyways.


“So does that mean I can always go to your place?” Feng Yang asked.

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