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Evolution of the Hunter Chapter 100


-Who has been inside the crimson dungeon?

-Crimson dungeon?  What is that?  You should just say it in our language the ‘Bbalgan Dungeon’.

-Let’s just refer it to as the red hole.  Originally, dungeons were called the blue holes.

-I concur with calling it the red hole.    Crimson dungeon is too difficult to pronounce anyway.

-You English sycophants.  Why are you so obsessed with English as there isn’t any new business going to America?

-Who are you accusing of being obsessed?  I speak it because I’m comfortable with it.


The stories about the red dungeon took the central theme of the conversations within the community for the hunters’ market.

While quickly scanning the posts on the community, Jun has run into a rather interesting post.


-The level of difficulty in the red hole is much higher than that of the blue hole.


The opinion, basically skewing towards the red hole, was that it has many more monsters and stronger ones even if at the same levels.

At a glance, it was an agreeable statement when thinking about the vampires.

On the other hand, items were more

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