Chapter 28 – Conclusion (Part 2)


“I am really sorry about this occurrence, please let me apologize for it.”


We were in a mansion right now, it was frugal, but didn’t have the bad taste the previous one had. Me and Lefy were sitting on a sofa, while the lord of this city, Raylor, sat in front of us.

He seemed very tired, the mansion guards kept on trying to point their weapons against us, so he had to stop them time and time again… I sympathized with him.

“You are Raylor, right? Do you know who I am?” Lefy started the conversation with a very cold tone.


“O-of course, I’m very aware of it.” Raylor was clearly tense, even though he tried hiding it.

“Since you’re the lord of this place, I assume you know of the agreement your kind made with me.”

“Agreement?” He tried asking.

“I did not give you the right to speak. Back when the world was in turmoil, lots of fools thought they had the right to try attacking me. I got tired of them so I decided to just get rid of humanity, your king back then hurriedly bowed down and promised to not allow anyone to interfere with me anymore, while I kindly agreed to not wipe them out because of it.”


I-I see, that’s diplomacy through pressure.

“However, you worms kidnapped a part of my family, a daughter for me even. This bunch of trash broke their promise with a being as great as me… Tell me trash, how will you compensate me?”

“B-but this all came too suddenly.”

“Why should I of all people care for humanity’s circumstances?”..Continue Reading

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