“I had thought that bombing was just a normal war technique. But seeing how it has come this far, it’s a complete war conquering technique.”

Ellen said, exasperated, while arranging the information.

War technique and war conquering are two completely different things.

War techniques are plans, methods, on how to progress in each fight.

If we were to just go through that one battle, it would surely be called a war technique.

And war conquering is when you look at the whole war and think of how to progress.

That one bombing didn’t stop with just one battle, it affected the whole war and all the war techniques.

Just because of that one bombing, the 3 enemy nations have stopped invading, there’s room for negotiation and we can bring the proposal of a cease-fire.

That one bombing is affecting the whole war.

“Just as you say Ellen, it’s completely a war conquering technique. Terrifying.”

Against these large armies, Freya is overwhelming.

There’s no one who can challenge an army of 5 thousand except Freya.

“It’s embarrassing when you praise me that much. But, I am happy being of use to Kearuga.”

Freya seems to be in high spirits recently.

Seems like her worries of not being able to do much for me up till now has finally been resolved.

“Ellen, there’s been some movement but—”

“Right. It seems my preparations are starting to work. Actually, I had predicted that those 3 countries would come invading so I prepared a pipe with a country which is not in good relation with those 3. I prepared it so that we can attack when those 3 countries are short in hand.”

That’s a disgustingly effective plan.

I could see why Ellen was calling it her trump card.

Ellen says this very simply but a country isn’t moved that easily.

I would really like to know how she negotiated with them.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That’s much more reliable than being friends just in appearance.

“So you used that card?”

“Yes, I am showing off our preparations for the war. It was costly but it will make those 3 countries even less hostile against the Dioral kingdom.

“I guess so, even if they wanted to attack, they wouldn’t be able to because of the fear of bombing. On the contrary, they can’t even protect their own center. And if other countries except Dioral were to aim for them on top of that…. They won’t be left with any other choice but to cease-fire.”

Just the bombing was still weak.

Thanks to Ellen’s preparations, we basically have a 100% saying in the negotiations.

“However, Kearuga-sama, wouldn’t it be much easier to get rid of the royal castle along with the king with my bombing rather than going through all this trouble?”

“That would be true if our objective was to just win this war. But, you see, it’s the end if we do that. All the other countries will be afraid of Dioral kingdom and will think like this… ‘it is our turn next’. If that happens, a war will break out with all the other countries. We wouldn’t be able to stop before conquering all the countries… the reason why Ellen and I want to have a conference with as many countries possible is because we want to appeal that Dioral is a peace seeking country, that it is a compassionate country.”

If it were between just two individuals, one could have thought of only winning.

However, when it is between two countries, it’s more important to think about what will happen after you win.

In war, one can lose many things even after winning just like they can profit a lot even after losing.

Victory or defeat to a war is nothing but a single factor and only third-rate planners would look at only just that.

“Ohh, you two really are thinking of some hard stuff, huh?”

“That’s my job. Unlike everyone else, I don’t have any other way of being useful to brother Kearuga as I can’t fight.”

Ellen laughed, sounding somewhat lonely.

I patted Ellen’s head and said,

“There’s no need for modesty. Your strength is even greater than someone who can kill 10,000 people in a battlefield. You are necessary to me. You can be proud of yourself.”

“Yes, brother Kearuga.”

With moist eyes, she came pleading for a kiss so I granted her request.

And in reality, I wouldn’t have thought of acquiring Dioral kingdom without Ellen.

I would have probably abandoned it, thinking that management would be bothersome.

My women have different virtues to them.

While we were doing that, a soldier came into the strategy headquarters, out of breath.

“Just now, a messenger has come from Glanzbach empire…. And they say that they will come to the conference just as we asked. However, they request that the conference be held inside Glanzbach empire and that Dioral empire’s representative, princess Freya, be present as well.”

I exchanged glances with Ellen and nodded.

Just as planned.

We will assert Dioral kingdom’s justice in this conference.

The 3 hostile country will not be able to reject our claim strongly and we will have the upper hand.

However, there’s a fear as well.

It wouldn’t be weird if the enemy is thinking of getting rid of the biggest threat, princess Freya, by taking this opportunity.

There will definitely be disturbances.

However, I shall achieve my objectives.

After all, I must have them bear the punishment of trying to break my toy.

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