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Kuro no Maou

Chapter 381 Uninvited Partner


When one thinks back on it, Simon had never really formed a party. When he had first registered as an adventurer to earn his tution fees, he naturally tried forming one but in the end it didn’t work out. Nobody really wanted a helpless alchemist who couldn’t even use a sword or magic.

And naturally, he went solo. He wasn’t really aiming to rank up either and so he just went on doing the rank 1 quest of collecting medicinal plants over and over. But to Simon, this wasn’t unfavourable.

If my memory serves me right, he probably also met Kurono from the Alsace village’s adventurer guild when returning from the plant collecting quest. After that, started the hellish Alsace battle. And then the recent ,nightmarish battle of Iskia. In both of these battles, there were allies in the surrounding lands but they didn’t really form parties. They only moved in a group temporarily.

And then, after the fight had ended, he was supposed to go back to his casual solo quests but—before he knew it, he had made a partner.


“Yaa, the weather is good. Ideal for questing.”…Continue Reading

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