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LV999 Villager

Chapter 88 It won’t begin if we just keep running


A peculiar pathway which was lit as a whole with faint bluish-green light. Without any crossroads, in the middle of a path which just kept going straight forward, as if he had just felt something, Kagami suddenly stopped his feet and wore a serious expression.


“Wh-what happened, Kagami-dono?”


“No, I just felt a fart was coming but it did not.”


“I see.”


And then, the both of them kept walking as if nothing had happened.


It had already been 6 days since they had reached the underground dungeon of the Holy Forest.


As per their objective of hunting monsters and dark dragons to collect money, they had already had numerous battles with monsters in the dungeon. But, both of them were feeling something that was hard to describe.


But even that was because there was something odd about this dungeon.


“Mm… Kagami-dono, it’s time.”




In front of the path they were following, a magic circle suddenly appeared. Then, three monsters who had looked quite similar to humans if one was to exclude their purple-colored skin, sluggishly came out.


Then, within an instant, Kagami closed the gap between him and the monsters and landed a blow to one’s stomach.


Immediately after, the two monsters tried to capture Kagami who was now right next to them, but after easily dodging them, he went behind and grabbed their heads, collided one with the other and threw them towards the wall.


“….These are tough.”


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