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Travis- Closer

LV999 Villager

Chapter 7 Part 16 It was too late to notice

David became flustered hearing those words. Certainly, there was a reason for Puruna to be here. But, it was strange for her to appear so confidently at this timing.


Puruna was now standing as if to block the exit. And there was something lying in wait behind her… that is what David instinctively felt.


“Puruna-san! It has been a while!”




And then, unknowing of David’s wariness of her, Alice rushed over to Puruna’s side to talk to her.


“Alice-sama! You musn’t get close!”




David tried stopping her immediately after but, it was just a moment too late—-


“Wh-why…. Puruna…-san…?”


Puruna hugged Alice as she went towards her, took off the ribbon which was tied at the back of Alice’s head, revealing the two horns and absorbed the demon exclusive magical power beside it. She forcibly pulled the cloth which turned the horns into something else and threw it in the air.


Immediately after, her exposed horns started pouring out demon exclusive magic to the surroundings.


Thereupon, all the adventurers present in the pub felt the sudden release of this magic and turned their gaze towards Alice all at once.


“De-demon?! Why is there a demon in here?!”


“It can’t be… that’s the shop assistant at the casino, right?!”


In response to the very sudden release of magic, the pub was filled with commotion. Then, as if it was all planned from the very beginning, soldiers with really thick armor broke into the pub at once.


“Nobody move!”


In an instant, Rex and the others were surrounded by the soldiers.


“I see… So that really was the case. You can’t talk your way out of this, David.”


And then, a middle-aged man who had a good figure, clearly of a higher status, pushed aside the soldiers and came barging in.


“Why are you here….?”


David was taken aback by the appearance of the unexpected person’s arrival.


That man was the duke, who had more power than most of the nobles in the capital and had quite the influence. It was Militalia Rimoto.


Anyone living in the capital would know of him. David, just like the others, knew him and had cold sweats on his forehead.


“There’s no way I would listen to the nonsense of a magician in the hero’s party…. that’s what you thought, right, David?” said Militalia, standing before David with a smile.


“I don’t know what you plan to do but…. it seems like you’re supporting Puruna, just as she planned. Reporting to the king that that girl is not a demon and trying to deceive him…. that’s a serious crime, you know?”


“What do you mean… David?”


Kururu, who had stiffened up because of the baffling series of events, drew near David and asked.


Then, David let out a sigh as if he was expecting it, and answered,


“When I said I had been ordered to monitor Rex-sama and Kururu-sama… I was lying.”


“Lying….? Then, David, why are you here?”


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