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LV999 Villager

Chapter 87 It was too late to notice – 17

“Even still, Rex-sama, I had to go through quite a lot of trouble, you know? We can’t take actions unless we are sure that it is a demon after all…. And even still you ran away the moment we made a request to help catch the demon. It is a shame that a person like you would be corrupted by a demon.”


Hearing that, Rex made a bitter face and glared at Puruna.


“Why, Puruna….? I am sure you also heard what master said. It does not matter if they are demon or human… Then, not just killing the demon lord, using a different method… Couldn’t you have at least waited till we gathered ten thousand gold?”


“Master….? Aah, that villager? Now that you mention it, I don’t see him anywhere… Well, either way, it doesn’t matter to the kingdom how st


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