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It Was Too Late to Notice – 15


“Well now, everyone, are you hungry? It’s my treat, so please order as much as you want!”


“Really, David-san?! Then, is it okay if I get a hamburger steak?!”


“Yes, of course!”


Alice was delighted with the various number of items on the menu, her eyes sparkling.


One hour later, the wounded adventurers in the church, who were treated by Alice and the others, have regained their composure, and the group of four had headed to the bar near the central square of the city for a late dinner.


Currently, the group of four sit around a table.


“What’s this? I guess Kururu-sama and Tina-sama didn’t ask for anything.”


As Alice browsed the menu, Kururu and Tina looked hesitantly at the choices, grumpily muttering “Hm… hm..”, under their breaths.


(Kururu) “Um… it’s already late at night, and a meal at this time is, well…”


“I agree with Kururu-san. Recently, because I have been living in this town for so long, I have been eating a little too much,” said quietly by Tina as she secretly pinched her stomach.


“I don’t see anything wrong with how you two look, but I can understand how you feel. However, it is important to eat, and I will remind you of that again and agai.

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