Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 11 In the Forest

I ran.


“Haa…. haa….”


I just kept on running.

With fear and grief in my heart as fuel, I just kept running.

Fervently moving my legs, which wouldn’t listen to me, pushing my way through plants, I just kept on going forward.


I did not have a destination.

I just ran to escape.

I just ran to escape from the despair which kept drawing near from behind.


“Oi, this is bad! That brat ran off into the Devil’s Forest!!”


“Wh-what will we do?! If the goods are gone, we will be the ones who get beaten!!”


“Even if you say that, we will die if we go in there!! I don’t know why but there have been several reported cases of that ancient dragon being unusually active there!!”


“Tch….! That damned brat…!!”


Without even being able to listen to what they were saying, I just looked forward and ran deep into the forest.
















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