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Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 2 Let’s understand our current state – 1


If you were wondering what had just happened, it is actually quite simple to explain.






After dying in an accident, I had been born once again.


I understood that as soon as I was conscious again. Not because I met God or something like that, but just because the feeling that I had definitely died still remained.


The feeling of having your bones break into pieces while getting crushed by a truck.


The feeling of strength and blood leaving your body, even though you are not feeling any pain, your vision slowly starting to get dark.


With a big shake of my body and deep breaths, I drive the unpleasant memories out of my head.


Well, anyway, before I realized, I had died and was lying down here, in a throne-like place.


A place with a refined chandelier, pillar and walls. There were no windows and the room wasn’t too long.

The throne, which I was sitting on, while it did not have many decorations or the like, gave off quite a grand

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