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Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 3 Let’s understand our current state – 2

Name: Yuki

Race: Arch Demon

Class: Demon Lord

Level: 1

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 6700/6700

Strength: 651

Resistance: 685

Agility: 550

Mana: 897

Dexterity: 1250

Luck: 70

Skill point: 5

Unique Skill: Mana Eye, Language Translation

Skill: Item Box, Analyze Lv1

Title: Demon Lord of a Parallel World

DP: 1000



Wait a minute, now that I look at it closely, not only did I stop being a human, I am also a Demon Lord now. That’s troubling.


….Hmmm, looks like here—-

Looks like the dungeon master who maintains the dungeon is generally called the Demon Lord. It appeared in my mind’s wikipedia.


My name too, got turned into only katakana and my surname disappeared, making it just Yuki. I had thought it was kind of a girly name to begin with but now it just seems more like this is natural.

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