Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 8 Let’s use magic – 1




Sitting on the throne, which I had gotten used to, I groaned at the menu screen.


“What happened? Looking at nothing with such enthusiasm.”


Lefy, who had been saying something like ‘Ohh, ohh… I hadn’t really dealt with slimes up close but… when you look at it like this, they are pretty cute…’ a while ago, asked with a puzzled expression.


“No, noth—-Hm? Nothing?


Can she not see the menu screen?


“Yep. It looks to me as if you’re gazing off somewhere with an absent min– Ah, I see, were you looking at your status? If I remember right, you had the analyze skill too.” she said agreeing.


“From the way you said that, you have it too, Lefy?”


“Yep. Pretty convenient, that. As you level up the skill, you can look through all things with that. Well, there’s only a handful of people who h


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