Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 9 Let’s use magic – 2

“Alright, let’s start with sensing the mana. Hold out both of your hands.”


Sweeping off the bits of cookie off of her, Lefy said while putting both of her hands forward.

By the way, Shii ate the cover and bits of the cookie Lefy swept off.

Monsters summoned with DP should not need food but… As he was eating it deliciously on his own, it is probably like a snack to him.

I was wondering what I would do about the garbage but this actually takes care of that problem.


“Eh? O-oh.”


Being puzzled, I did as she told and she grabbed my hands, then—


“Ohh? Ohhhh? Ohhhhhhh–?!”


A somewhat intense power came flowing in from Lefy’s soft, right hand.

That power circulated inside my body, then it came passing through my right hand this time and returned back to her through her left hand.

It kept going in circles between me and Lefy.


So this is —- mana.

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