Chapter split into five (5) pages

Chapter 14 – Verification


“Coming to think of it… Hey, Lefy, come see this.” I called her.

While I was set on the throne, Iluna played around with Shii[1. The previous translator referred to Shii mostly as a “he”, but sometimes he used “she” for Shii. As far as I saw so far, Shii’s gender was not shown, so I’m going to refer to the slime as a female until further notice.] as she bounced around near me, the Fenrir was standing still while watching over them, and Lefy came close to see what this was about.

“Uhn? Is this about the status screen? I can’t see it.” She stated.

“Actually, I don’t need you to see it.”

I gave her a quick explanation about the menu.

“I see, so it’s the dungeon’s powers that allow you to create the wonderful things?”

“Indeed. Also, Iluna seems to be able to see this.”

“Uhm… I can guess what you want to ask, but I don’t know why she can see it. I can tell you the difference between me and her though…..Continue Reading

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