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Chapter 16 – Wings, Please Lead Me To The Sky (Part 2)

Both me and Lefy left the cave while Iluna stayed watching the house.

“Uuh… I can’t bear the sunlight.” Lefy exclaimed.

“Coming to think of it, you barely left home these days.”

The only times I remember her leaving, was when she begged me for a very expensive sweet, so I ask her to get some DP for me in return… She is living as a NEET.[1. Not in Employment, Education or Training.]

It’s weird that she doesn’t gain any weight though, Lefy eats a lot and does no exercise, yet her body is still pretty thin… I suppose it’s because she is a dragon.

“On that matter, is your territory fine? You haven’t visited it in quite a while.” I asked.

“I secured that area because I could get some high quality honey on it. I can eat better things now, so you can do whatever you want with the territory.”

You ended up here for this kind of reason…? I was stupid to not make it part of the dungeon…..Continue Reading

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