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Chapter 17 – Unfortunate Adventurers


Adventurers are people that seek, claim and fight the unknown. They receive various requests and get appropriate rewards for them.

It is a job many dream of, as those that get the most achievements can accumulate wealth, fame, land and even become nobles.

However, although ‘adventurer’ is a single profession, there are many different specializations, from suppression of monsters, delivering documents, exploring dungeons and even research of ruins, it is a pretty vast field.

The basic requirement though, is power. As soon as one leaves the lands ruled by humans, they enter a field of monsters where death always lies in the horizon.
If one is to make their living in such environment, they need the willpower to not falter in face of adversities, and the strength to overcome them.

Those that cannot do it, will quickly reach their limits and be unable to raise their rank.

The adventurers are divided in ranks according to their strength, it starts with brass, followed by steel, silver, gold, mythril, adamantium and the last will be Orichalcum. We are on the mythril rank…..Continue Reading

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