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Chapter 18 – Hunting with Mofir

Flying is really fun.

It feels as if I’m flowing through the sky while assimilated with the wind, the sunshine is also warmer and gentler than normal… Though that’s probably just my impression.

Birds and wyverns also pass by from time to time, before they seemed like part of the scenery to me, but now I am also a part of this environment, I feel a certain affinity to them.

… I’m the only one that feels this affinity however, so they still attack me… It’s somewhat pointless though.

“I wish my flight was a bit better though…” I sighed while wiping some bird’s blood off my cheeks.

I no longer feel awkward while flying, and I think I’m pretty used to it already… But when I see Lefy’s flying figure from up close, I still feel I have a long way to go.

She’s beautiful. Her gracefulness is almost illusory, as if the whole sky around us was only a detail to make her stand out even more…..Continue Reading

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