Chapter split into two (2) pages

Chapter 19 – An Insect Gathering Gives Many Goosebumps

“Aaaaah, it’s on my face! My face!”

A strange colored liquid fell from a weird tree, it hit me right on the cheek… It was disgusting.

Right now, we were desperately running away. A group of dog-sized ants was chasing right after.

Their number was absurdly high, and some of them even have wings on their backs.

There were several animals at first. None of them was particularly strong, so I just smashed them with my steel bar to smash them, a few ants were also among them, but I paid it no heed and smashed them anyway.
After a while more ants appeared, but I also killed them without thinking much… However, they didn’t stop coming.

More and more of them appeared, the more I killed, the more spawned, they kept on coming at a pace bigger than I could kill, and before long we were getting overwhelmed…..Continue Reading

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