Chapter 25 – Within a Cage


It felt cold and… Hard?

Something was amiss.


I’m generally surrounded by a fluffy and warm mattress that lets me sleep comfortably… Today I was awakened by an unpleasant coldness.

Rubbing my eyes a bit, I slowly rose.

My drowsy eyes started focusing on the surroundings, evenly spaced iron bars and a low ceiling that doesn’t even allow me to stand up properly…!

I jolted awake.

There was an uncomfortable feeling around my neck, a collar surrounded it and had a chain connected to a ring on the floor. That binding also had mana on it, so it’s probably a magical tool.


I’m trapped within a cage.
Taking a deep breath, my thoughts drifted to the last things I could remember.

When I was playing near the cave, some strange men appeared and poured a weird liquid down my throat that made me faint. Which leads to the current scenario.

Feeling restless, I checked the dimly lit surroundings and saw lots of other cages nearby, one had a girl with beast ears, another with sheep ears and some that looked like monsters… There were only girls though, not a single man was in sight.

Even though their races were different, they all had one thing in common. Despair, despair and resignation filled their eyes, I could see this …Continue Reading

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