Chapter 26 – Conflict in Alfiro


“My lord, it’s terrible!!”


Raylor, the lord of the city of Alfiro, was waken up in the middle of the night by one of his servants.

“… You’re noisy, what is it? Did monsters attack or something?”

“Th-that’s right!! Around one hundred monsters are coming from above the Haunted Forest!” This woke Raylor up on the spot.

“So it has come to this… You said the monsters came from above, are they wyverns then?”

“N-no sir! They’re dragons!!”

“What!?” This threw Raylor off balance.

Dragons are the strongest race of monsters in the world. Even adamantium class adventurers, who can defeat a thousand enemies by themselves, need a group to defeat a single one of those.


To think a hundred of them would come at once, it’s the worst situation possible. If it’s not handled properly, this town, no, this country will collapse.

“Summon all guards and adventurers on standby! Now!! Put the city in state of emergency and start evacuating the civilians!”

The servant moved out carry Raylor’s words, bustle quickly spread through the manor.

Getting out of bed, the lord took a single glance at an item on the bedroom. A report saying there was something amiss with the Haunted Forest.

Because of that, Raylor increased the city’s forces out of caution, but… How would this be…Continue Reading

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