Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 4 Let’s understand our current state – 3

The following day.


After having slept for some time, I was feeling refreshed so I put the futon into the item box and opened the DP Catalogue to search for food ingredients for breakfast.


When I activated the item box, a vacuum cracked open in the air and I could put stuff in there.

When I was wondering about how I would go about bringing stuff out from it, a list appeared inside my head and it looked like I could bring the item I think about out when I put my hand in. So convenient.


And by the way, if you were wondering how I knew the date and time while there were no windows in the room, it is because there’s a date and time displayed on the upper right corner of the menu.

When I was just about to retort with ‘What is this, a game?!’, I remembered that it was probably used as a reference so it was only natural.


After bringing out a loaf of bread (15DP) and bacon (30DP), as there were no other chairs in the room, I sat down on the throne and started eating.


I need to properly think of how to reserve DP too. I do have most of the initial 1000DP but this is my life-line.

I feel kinda uneasy as it keeps decreasing.


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