Me, Her, And The Ballistic Weaponry [Antique]

Chapter 33

“Union, eh?… I feel like we might disagree over interest rights so I would like to decline, if possible.”


Tarou didn’t really know much about forming an union but he liked the idea of doing as he liked. He didn’t want anything obstructing that.


“‘Isn’t that what the contract is for – to stop something like that beforehand? It’s not like you have to come to a decision right now, I will be happy if you were to just listen to what I have to say. Because I think you’ll surely be interested if you do’”


After snorting at Liza’s voice, Tarou lowered the transmission volume to zero for once.


“Or so she’s saying but, what do you think? Should we collaborate with a stalker?”


“Well, can’t really answer when I don’t properly understand what she’s talking about. However, it is quite rare for such a big organization to say ‘let’s form an union’ rather than ‘join the union’ or something along that line. Judging from her way of speaking, she spoke on equal terms. Let’s put aside the ‘stalker’ for now.” Maar said, putting a finger to her lips…Continuing Chapter


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