Chapter 34


When a signal appeared on the radar’s screen, Squall, who was guarding the station, rejoiced, the imperial army finally came to their rescue… And his disappointment was just as big, when he saw the identification signal of a merchant ship.


“It’s hopeless, this rural station is done for.”

Over 100 WIND ships, or ‘filth clusters’ as Squall prefers calling them, have already been spotted. Although the station took minimal damage so far, it’s shield is being depleted, and it’s only a matter of time before it collapses.

“Damn it!! Just what kind of grudge do they have towards people!?” Squall shouted at a WIND while manipulating a 20 meter tall steel giant with his BISHOP, its hull was made with various mismatched parts, similarly to a WIND.

“This is the eighth ship already, one more is nothing!” The giant aimed its rifle at the enemy’s engine and shot 4 beams in quick succession.

“I won’t die in a place like this!” Squall retreated after confirming that the WIND stopped its activity once the engine was hit. With cold….Continue Reading


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