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Oh My General Chapter 17

Chang Sheng Gambling House


From the palace came the news that the empress had summons.


Handing over the business to the guards, telling them to inform the people of the An and Wang families, Ye Zhao hurriedly changed clothes and entered the palace.


On the streets, Xia Yujin was busy trying to figure out Ye Zhao’s tastes. He stood outside the tavern for a while before forcing the two servants beside him to grab a Xinghua House’s Shehongchun and Huwangjiang House’s Daughter’s Red, respectively while he passed through the alleys and streets without hesitation in his casual clothes, creeping up to Old Gao’s lamb shop.


Old Gao had been in the business for decades. His lamb was savory like no other. But because the out-of-the-way location of the little storefront, the laziness of the boss, the meanness of his wife, and their lack of sufficient help, they sold premade lamb to all the surrounding restaurants while the store itself remained closed...Continue Reading

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