Chapter 7 Jack

Jack Von Hills POV

My name is Jack or better known as Jack the scoundrel, my parents was the Baron of Mira, both my parents have passed away in an unfortunate accident involving monsters. At least that’s what I heard. However truth may be different from fiction since my father was abusive to me and scarred me terribly at a young age. My mother was indifferent. It was at that point when was nearly ten years old a hatched a plan to get rid of my parents, I could not take their abusive ways any longer. I had put monster scent on their carriage on one of their long journeys through a forest in the hope that a monster would get rid of them. I would then inherit the title of baron directly and be the head of my household.

My success in getting rid of both my parents made me smile since they have never been kind towards me. Their method of kindness is to pour hot boiling water onto my skin or to punch me with their fist. I cried at the death of my parents, my servants thought they were tears of sadness but they were not, they were tears of joy. Unfortunately my plan to inherit the baron title hit a flaw, my father left a will that I was to be adopted by my uncle, my father’s brother. I did not hold too much hope for my uncle if he is too similar to my father, he might abuse me as well. Well if that time comes, I guess I will get rid of my uncle as well.

On the day I was suppose to meet my uncle and auntie I got up early and ran down the stairs, what greeted me were two young couple looking lovingly into each other’s eyes whispering sweet words to each and I heard whispers about their daughter Sarah. They were a bishounen and a bishoujo (good looking man and woman in a Japanese). Hmmm, if I am not mistaken Sarah their daughter is suppose be a World class ugly lady. I heard from around the country that Sarah is so ugly that if she ever met a monster, the monster would run away in fear. Another rumor is that when Sarah met a bandit in the town of Mira, the bandit vomited and ran away in fear (actually this true but the bandit ran away because of something else, will post this unimportant part of the story, you would have a good laugh). Sarah was so ugly according to rumors her father the Duke of Mira hides her away in his house and only allows her limited contact with the outside world.

I think I like this Sarah. I believe I can use her and manipulate her.

A wry smile was forming on my face as I was thinking how I could use Sarah for my plans. I looked at the two young blonde haired couple, smiling at them I said,

“Good morning Duke and Duchess of Mira”

“You don’t have to say that you can call us mama and papa, after all we are family”, they replied together as though they were one entity.

I was taken aback and shocked at their response, I did not expect the Duke and Duchess to be so kind and loving, from what I heard the Duke and Duchess a few years ago was very strict and formal. And although they did not treat their servants cruelly, they never showed any kindness or emotions, they were emotionless from my investigation of them. Was my information all wrong, these two people did not seem strict or emotionless, in fact they seem happy and kind and their life looks fulfilling as though they were looking to the future. Then why did the Duke keep Sarah locked up away in his Manor/house ? Could he be abusing Sarah his own daughter because she was ugly, just like my father abused me ?

These strange thoughts assaulted my head, before I knew it a frown appeared on my face as I was in deep thought.

“What’s wrong Jack?” The Duke asked.

“Nothing”, I replied while smiling even forgetting my own manners.

There were a few akward moments and then we exchanged greetings again and we were off see Sarah, the ugly Duke’s daughter.

We were waiting by the stair case to greet Sarah, while the Duke mumbled something about me Jack being the protector of his pretty sheep against the wolves of the World.

It was then I saw it with my own eyes a goddess with a red haired maid glided down the steps. Her hair was silver and gold and wave and shone in the morning light, beautiful, her eyes were wide and exotic like the most beautiful kitten, beautiful, the colour of her eyes were the blue est of blue and shone like blue sapphires, beautiful, her mouth and lips were red like the colour rose  and you could almost kiss it, beautiful, her face was small and in perfect proportion, beautiful, her body was slim and slender and in her sleeping clothes, I could see the outline of her body which did not have an ounce of fat, beautiful, she is too beautiful to be human.

I did not notice how my body reacted or how I am right now, the only thoughts through was I want to know who she is, I want to be her husband, her lover, I want to take care of her.

What shocked me even more was when the greeting came from her,

“Good morning mama and papa” and she did a curtsy, this is Sarah the World class ugly lady, you have to be kidding me. Before I could even gather my thoughts together she had glided down next to me I think I managed to do a greeting, did I shake her hand, I can’t remember because at that moment the smell of her body hit me. She smells like flowers, the sweetest most beautiful scent I have ever encountered. My mind went blank and I collapsed, luckily my adopted father the Duke supported me. But I could tell from his strong grip on my body that was causing me pain and glaring eyes of my new father that I had somehow failed some sort of test and he was upset at me.

Never mind I was looking forward to living with Sarah, the stupid prince that broke off his engagement with Sarah must have been a complete idiot, the thoughts in my mind stated.

We spent our days together me and Sarah, and you could say it was the happiest time of my life. Both Sarah’s parents were kind and loving and treated me with love and care… while my dear Sarah is like an angel descended from heaven, not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is even more beautiful on the inside. Her kindness towards me these last few weeks seems to be healing something inside me. It made want to protect her and kill anyone getting close to her. I even feel like killing my best friend Ryan the Marquis son, he came over to visit me one day and it irritated me like crazy when he saw Sarah. Ryan, when he saw her, his face flushed red and his mouth started to form a smile, a very creepy smile according to me like some sort of pervert, I wanted to hit him on the head there and then but Sarah was there.

Reluctantly, I introduced Sarah to Ryan, Ryan seems to have the same reaction I had and mumbled the stupid the prince must have been nuts. Ryan from that day onwards kept on appearing at my house on the pretense to see me, always making it a surprise visit. I told him if he wanted to see me, I will go to his house. But he kept on saying no,no, it’s good to have surprise visits to my friends house. Every time Ryan sees Sarah he has that glazed look in his eyes, it really irritated me to no end.

On my adopted father’s part the Duke of Mira when I introduced Ryan to him, he just mumbled something about another wolf is now stalking his precious sheep. He does not seem glad to see Ryan visiting Sarah, somehow it made me happy, I might come to like this man a lot, from then on I started calling him papa.

Me and Ryan also told Sarah how stupid the prince is and we both bad mouthed the prince to no end. We wondered if Sarah still wanted to get engaged to the prince again and when the answer came out of Sarah’s mouth that she had no intention in marrying the prince, we were both so relieved. I told Sarah that I would take care of her for the rest of my life and I meant it, I would kill anyone that harmed her. Have I become a sis-con (loves sister) ? I don’t think so, hmm we are both cousins does it mean we can get married? I swear on that day I would protect Sarah with my life and do everything I can to protect her, my sweet beautiful Sarah, my goddess.

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