Chapter 8 Andre and the Bandit – Side Story

This story happened before Sarah met Jack her adopted brother.

“Sarah”, a voice called out to me.

It was Andre, I always wanted to move about in the town in Mira since my father seems to be keeping me under lock and key in the Manor.  That’s why I had asked Andre to accompany me secretly into town without my father knowing.

“Andre ?”, I called out to him, we agreed that when in town we would drop the honirifics to keep me safe.

“Sarah, we should go back now, let’s not stay in town too long”, as Andre said that he smiled at me weakly.

“Ok”, I said as I smiled back but I don’t think he can see my face as it is being covered up by a veil, I am wearing light clothes like a sweet simple one piece flower dress that is at knee length. It accentuated my body as it hugged it tightly. The veil is more like using a thin piece of cloth to cover my face it made me look unusual and all the town folks would stare at me. What a fine body, I heard a man mumbled as he went past me.

As I heard that Andre took my arm softly and moved me gently away from people. In case you forgot Andre is my personal bodyguard and is devoted to me.

Andre whispered to me, “I think there is someone following us”, I nodded my head to show him I understood.  We have to go past an alley surrounded by two dilapidated walls to get to our carriage. We tried to move fast past this alley way. And we were halfway through the alley when…

Suddenly someone with brown hair about six feet tall jumped in front of us with a rusty sword in his hand. His face is covered by a dirty cloth. And at the back someone else similar with black hair faced Andre. This is bad.

“Give us all your money and take off your veil”, the bandit one growled at me.

“Drop your weapon”, bandit two growled at Andre.

“Sarah be careful, I will protect you”, Andre said.

I decided to take off my veil as it will be easier then to use my magic to fight with the bandit. As you know eating the kismet fruit has made me a healing saint (highest class of healer in the World, said to only come once every few hundred years), on top of that my non existent magic powers has begun to grow.

There are six different type of magic in this world, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and the two rare attributes Light and Dark magic. As for me my strongest magic is Light magic which is used in healing, surprisingly I have attributes in all other magic, fire, earth, wind, water and dark. A normal person is suppose to have only one attribute in magic if he or she is lucky, in general most of the population has zero magic. While some that have two attributes is considered a genius, the heroine is suppose to have two attributes. And originally the Villainess Sarah is suppose to have no attribute in magic. I guess this is the long term effect of eating the kismet fruit.

Light magic is mainly use for healing, however I found out that my light magic is so strong that it can be used for offense. I found out stories from myth and legends that has stories of people using light magic for offense. Most normal light magic user can only use their magic to heal and nothing else, but in legends and myths before, light magic was the magic of heroes and was used to defeat the currently non existence demon king.

Currently I use my light magic for offense on bandit one, light wave, it should knock out anyone in front of me in a wave of light making that person unconscious with no harm to the body. It’s meant for a large group of enemies, but heck, it will interesting to try it out on a live subject.

Bandit one was in shock when I dropped my veil and he seemed to lower down his sword with his facial features relaxing. I blast my light wave. He is shocked and falls down to the ground.

Bandit two is shocked as well as he is crossing swords with Andre, clang, the sound of swords clashing could be heard. Because bandit two was surprised by the light wave, Andre was able to stab him at his death spot, bandit two fell, making an arghh sound. The wound is a death wound and by right no normal healer would be able to save him anymore. However, I rushed over to Andre and said to him spare him (bandit two), as I look down on him, he whispered “Are you an angel come to take me to heaven ?”. I said “no, I have come to save you, don’t do anything evil anymore”.

I used my healing magic on him and my body shone with light. In a short while bandit two’s whole body filled with light and he was healed immediately.

Bandit two walked with me towards bandit one. And when bandit woke up one on the ground of the dirty alleyway, bandit two seems surprised. Hmm as he woke up he made a sound. And when he saw me he pushed his body away and was in a dogzeza stance  together with bandit one.

“Please forgive us, we were hungry and in need of money”, both bandits said simultaneously.

“Take this bag of gold and start a business, even if you do not start a business, this money would be more than enough to last a lifetime”, I said to them softly and smiled, both bandits seem to be shocked and just grabbed the bag of gold coins and ran out of the alleyway.

Running out they both shouted, “Thank you my goddess!”

Andre sighed as he walked out with me while I put on my veil again. A lot of people are surprised to see two bandits running out of the alleyway while we both were coming out.

A man asked me, “Who are you?”

I replied, “I am Sarah the Duke of Mira’s daughter”

The man’s face stiffened seeming so to say he wants to run out of there.

It was then the rumor started that Sarah the Duke’s daughter was so ugly that she scared off two bandits with her looks. And that to hide her ugliness she wears a veil when she goes to town.

When father heard about our adventures in the city and the rumors he seem to be satisfied and mumbled something about good, good, wolves will now keep away from his precious sheep.

Bandit One POV

We were in an alleyway getting ready to rob someone going into the alley, I did not want to become a robber but there were no jobs available and my family would starve.

When I jumped out in front of a young girl intending to rob her I was shocked when she dropped her veil. I could not rob her, she is too beautiful to be human, she reminds me of my daughter. Maybe the gods are trying to say something to me. I was lowering down my sword when she hit me with a wave of light and I lost my consciousness.

When I woke up I réalisé that there was no way a human can use light magic to attack another human and that she was too beautiful to be human, I immediately dodgeza to her praying to her like a goddess. I summarized she must be a goddess.

And then the goddess surprised me, she threw a bag of money to me and my friend.

Bandit Two POV

Me and my friend were bandits, we were going to rob a young man and a girl in the alleyway and I followed  them from behind. My friend might need the money but I don’t, I am just so disheartened with the nobles which I am a part of that I decided to join him to feel alive again. That’s why I did this in another nobles territory.

When we surprised them and announced our intention to rob them,what surprised me was how beautiful the girl was when she dropped her veil. And then she shot out a wave of light from her beautiful body and my friend fell. I thought he was dead. It was at that fatal moment that the man stabbed me at a part of my body which no healer can heal. I thought that I was dead for sure but the beautiful little girl came to me and did the impossible, she healed me with her light magic. She must not be a little girl, she must be a goddess descended from the heavens. On top of that, what surprised me was that my friend was not dead he was just unconscious.

The goddess then took a bag of gold coins and threw it to us and told us to do good things with it, my friend took the money and we ran out of the alleyway as fast as our legs could take us.

When we were safe, I discussed with my friend about the beautiful little girl, no I should say the goddess. My friend, bandit one was an ex adventurer and said that there was no way to use light magic for offense and could only be used for healing, he stated she must be a goddess.

I nodded in agreement and stated the goddess saved me from a wound that no healer can cure.  What was the goddess’s name again, I believe it was “Sarah”, Sarah goddess of light and kindness. I said in my heart, to show my gratefulness to the goddess I shall devote my entire life to the goddess. I shall show the World there are no other gods except for Sarah the goddess of light and kindness. My friend and his family became the first to convert to the religion of Sarah, the goddess of light and kindness. And hence the start of the religion of Sarah, the goddess of light and kindness. It will be a religion that will become a craze and spread worldwide.

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